Venzee CEO Addresses Role in Retail Digital Supply Chain

Venzee Technologies Inc (TSXV:VENZ) President and CEO Peter Mackay was featured in an interview with Kin Communications after the company announced the signing of their second channel agreement with a European-based product information management (PIM) and content management solutions (CMS) company. PIMs and CMSs are technology companies that brands, manufacturers and distributors use to centralize their product information within their own organization, making them an invaluable resource for both Venzee and retailers. In the interview, Mackay outlined the importance of securing channel partnerships with PIMs as they have the connections and reputations needed to sell Venzee’s products to retailers looking for solutions.

“Instead of competing, we sit in between the content management system and the retailer ensuring the brand and the retailers are speaking the same language,” said Mackay. “We believe Venzee is the best solution in the world to ensure accurate and consumer-relevant product content is efficiently delivered to retailers.”

Mackay also went on to discuss the role Venzee plays in the retail digital supply chain. The company does not necessarily organize and maintain the information a retailer uploads into the supply chain, but their technology does automate the distribution of the workflow, creating a quick and accurate system for moving content onto a sales channel. Being able to do this efficiently and effectively will ultimately help retailers save billions of dollars.

“Statistics show that incorrect online product content costs retailers close to $ 100B a year and we understand we are the only one of few if any,  automated data syndication solutions in the world that can address this enormous issues that retailers are trying to solve,” said Mackay.

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