Valens GroWorks Hosts Cannabis Educator Emma Chasen on Bi-Weekly Podcast

In the second episode of their EXTRACTED podcast, presented in partnership with Leafly, Valens GroWorks Corp (CSE:VGW) hosted US-based cannabis educator Emma Chasen.

Chasen is the co-founder and CEO of Eminent Consulting Firm, based in Portland, Oregon. In the interview, she discussed her path to the cannabis industry, which was prompted by her interest in plant medicine. As she began to develop her knowledge on the plant, she discovered a significant gap in the industry in terms of standardized knowledge. This gap is what she is trying to mitigate with the work that she does for the industry.

During the podcast, she addressed a number of topics including how legalization is unfolding in Canada, where bud tenders are still not allowed to discuss the properties of cannabis strains with consumers. Chasen discussed her concern regarding the limited view consumers get into cannabis, a plant which holds many more compounds than just CBD and THC, including many that have yet to be discovered. She addressed the importance of terpenes in cannabis and how they influence the physiological properties of the plant.

Chasen also discussed the difference between flower and oil products—which are the only products available on the Canadian market so far—entourage effect vs. ensemble effect, the concerns related to pesticide use, labeling practices and more.

To listen to the entire podcast episode, click here.

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