The BrExit War, Game Theory Strategy for What UK Should Do to Win

The BrExit Story – BrExit is the latest big story for the people of Britain to believe in, a story that has split the population in half between the Remainer’s and the Leavers. The BrExit vote was a reaction to the slow dissolution of what was once the world’s most powerful nation into just another bolt on to the European Union Superstate. By Leavers BrExit is seen as a last ditched effort for Britain to resurrect its golden age. So whilst you read part 2 of my comprehensive BrExit analysis, remember that BrExit is just the latest story built on past stories of glory and it won’t be too long before we all move onto the next big story, as that is what humans do best, tell stories and believe them to be true, be they religious, political, social, personal, ethnic or economic stories. But today’s story is BrExit.
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