Era ends with walk down memory lane

I got up at 3 o’clock this morning. I had trouble sleeping. That’s no surprise. Today, we close the Numismatic News office in Iola, Wis. We open our new office in Stevens Point on Monday. For readers, it is supposed to be a seamless process. You shouldn’t notice. But I do. How can I help […]

Time to walk like a penguin?

I didn’t want to look beyond the end of my nose this morning. That almost sounds mean coming from someone who represents numismatics. Coin collectors have wide-ranging interests. There is not a place in the world that a coin collector has not studied. Collectors are famous for looking well beyond their own neighborhoods. But not […]

A Walk Down the Dark Road of Bad Government

Dear Parader, One of the most fascinating traits of the human herd is its willingness to be led off a cliff by political miscreants. In modern history, we have two perfect examples to illustrate the point: Zimbabwe and Venezuela. Accompanying me this morning is a song I first heard in the excellent movie, Hell or […]