Eliminating Crypto Myths: Understanding When to Use Blockchain

As we move into a brave new financial world with cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions, capturing the essence of crypto in a bottle can be a tricky affair. As the benefits of blockchain and digital currencies are different for everyday users in comparison to businesses, it is important to differentiate between the two and to eliminate […]

VIDEO — Trevor Raymond of WPIC: Understanding Platinum Fundamentals

  At this year’s Sprott Natural Resource Symposium, the Investing News Network (INN) caught up with Trevor Raymond of the World Platinum Investment Council. Speaking about how the platinum market performed in the first quarter of the year, Raymond said it was a bit more promising than expected, but there were no surprises. “We’re forecasting […]

Understanding the Psychology of Bitcoin Price

The cryptocurrency market trades globally 24 hours a day. Anyone who has been watching the price of Bitcoin understands the price moves very fast. Realize that people are always driving the price changes, and people are not always rational, not always emotional, but are rarely random. Since people are driving the price, the price patterns […]