Spanish treasure propels Sedwick sale results

What do you imagine when you think about treasure recovered from sunken Spanish galleons? Silver bars? Pieces of eight? Many coin collectors dream of these. Imagine making them the basis of your business. That is what the Florida firm of Daniel Frank Sedwick LLC does. Results of its Nov. 2-3 public sale and Nov. 5 […]

How big should the treasure be?

Treasure stories always catch my attention. The latest one that I spotted has a twist to it that you might not expect. What might the twist be? Well, there is no wildly inflated value associated with the coins that have been found. In fact, there is no value given at all for artifacts uncovered in […]

‘SS Central America’ treasure dominates news

Tis the season of SS Central America treasure. Step by step the California Gold Marketing Group LLC has been revealing the inventory of the 2014 recovery from the 1857 wreck. However, the news doesn’t stop there. Scotsman Auction Company opens its July 27 Midwest Summer Sale Auction in St. Charles, Mo., with some goodies that […]

Treasure yields 105 Territorial gold pieces

The SS Central America is the sunken treasure wreck that just keeps on giving. From the latest release of the California Gold Marketing Group LLC of Brea, Calif., we see a veritable census of Territorial gold issues from the Gold Rush. The ship sank in a hurricane off the coast of North Carolina with so […]