VIDEO — Andy Schectman: Why Consider Bullion in Times of Market Uncertainty

At this year’s Sprott Natural Resources Symposium, the Investing News Network caught up with Andy Schectman, president of Miles Franklin. Speaking about the current state of the market, Schectman shared his thoughts on how to approach this season. “I think you accumulate precious metals as often as you can. And if it’s subsidized and inexpensive, […]

Marc Lasry: “Bitcoin Investors Will Make 5 to 10 times their Money in 3 to 5 Years”

Marc Lasry Predicts: Bitcoin has been on a run this week. The coin made a whopping and sudden 10% gain yesterday and it is still heading skyward. Currently, it is sitting pretty at $ 7,457. This week’s gains are surprising to some considering Bitcoins recent moves; it seemed everything was steadily going southward. Marc Lasry […]