Calling all lovers of gold treasure stories

Ready for another treasure story? How about 80 metric tons of lost gold? That’s 2,572,059 troy ounces. Figured at $ 1,300 an ounce, the missing treasure’s value is $ 3,343,676,700. This is reported online by the Daily Mail, a British newspaper. This treasure doesn’t even involve pirates, Spanish treasure fleets, or Russian military payrolls. But […]

5 Top Mobile Web News Stories of 2018

Another year has gone by, and we continue to see mobile use on the rise. On the sidewalk, on the train, in the workplace — it’s hard to go just about anywhere without seeing mobile phones out. It’s gotten to the point that some studies have shown that American users check their phones up to […]

5 Top Phosphate and Potash News Stories of 2018

Looking back at phosphate and potash news, the two commodities have had a good year. Potash prices enjoyed a small rebound in 2018, though they stayed far from heights seen in 2008. And with the world’s population continuing to grow, so too is the demand outlook for the fertilizers. Between the two commodities, what were […]

5 Top Data and Cloud News Stories of 2018

With the digital revolution continuing to forge ahead, we’ve seen big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud companies continue to make headlines. And rightly so — the wonder of cloud computing is its seemingly limitless potential to disrupt and evolve just about any industry. As the year comes to a close, we’re taking a look […]

5 Top Nickel News Stories of 2018

Like other base metals, nickel faced challenges in 2018. While prices rose in the first half of the year, the trade war between the US and China ultimately kicked in and led to a drop.  Although the steel sector remains the dominant source of nickel demand, much attention was focused on the battery sector in […]

5 Top Genetics News Stories of 2018

Genetics had another year full of crucial developments and approvals in 2018, making it a market for investors to follow closely. With the year wrapping up, the Investing News Network brings investors a look at our five top genetics news stories, according to our readers. Investors looking to catch up on what made news last […]

5 Top Medical Device News Stories of 2018

In 2018, the medical device space offered investors a variety of stories on the growth and catalysts available to companies in this sector. As the year ends, the Investing News Network is sharing a recap of our five top medical device news stories based on readership. Investors looking to catch up on what made news […]

5 Top Graphite News Stories of 2018

While graphite may not have lived up to investors’ expectations in 2018, optimism lives on, with hopes driven that prices will rise on the back of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. In 2018, many of our top graphite news stories focused on the metal’s growing role in EVs, and on companies hoping their assets will […]

5 Top Uranium News Stories of 2018

At the end of 2017, many uranium market participants were calling for improvements in the industry — and with 2018 close to an end it’s safe to say those predictions were accurate.  Over the last year, the U3O8 spot price has risen about 40 percent, and more growth is predicted moving forward. Unsurprisingly, our most […]

5 Top Cleantech News Stories of 2018

2018 was another busy year for the cleantech sector, and as countries around the world look to move toward greener technology interest should remain strong heading into the new year. Over the last year, the Investing News Network has had the opportunity to cover cleantech news stories on a wide range of topics, including nuclear […]

5 Top Copper News Stories of 2018

In 2018, the copper story had two distinct halves. From January to early June, prices hovered around US$ 7,000 a tonne — but that was before the trade war locked into place and markets adjusted to the new reality of tariffs and retaliatory action. From early June, the red metal fell off a cliff, falling […]

5 Top Lithium News Stories of 2018

As in previous years, demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continued to have a big impact on the lithium sector in 2018. With the EV revolution continuing to gather speed, investors were keen to keep tabs on developments in the space. As our most popular lithium news stories of the year show, interest in market commentary […]

5 Top Silver News Stories of 2018

The silver price traded between about $ 15 and $ 18 per ounce in 2017, leaving some market watchers hoping for better price action in 2018. Even so, investors remained interested in silver in 2018. Our most popular silver news stories of the year show that investors were keen to learn more from experts about […]

5 Top Gold News Stories of 2018

The gold price was down about 3 percent year-to-date as of early December, changing hands at around US$ 1,240 per ounce. Overall, the yellow metal has put on a lackluster performance in 2018, with many market watchers wondering why global events haven’t kicked off a rush towards safe-haven assets like gold. It remains to be […]

5 Top Zinc News Stories of 2018

Zinc kicked off the year on a high note, but by mid-2018 the trade war between the US and China was weighing on prices as concerns about demand began to brew. Even with global stockpiles of the metal dropping to “extreme lows,” prices have failed to respond. Unsurprisingly, our top zinc news stories of 2018 […]

5 Top Cybersecurity News Stories of 2018

2018 was another big year for cybersecurity news stories. Big names like Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), FIFA, Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Uber and British Airways (LSE:BAY) all had major cybersecurity breaches during the year, costing the companies a lot of money — as well as trust. Overall, it was a revealing year for the industry, with increased emphasis on […]

5 Top Blockchain News Stories of 2018

For many blockchain buffs, 2018 turned out to be highly disappointing. Dubbed the Internet 2.0, blockchain technology is a leading software platform for digital assets and is the tool used to track cryptocurrency transactions. It consistently made headlines throughout the year, but its popularity waned substantially and money poured out of the sector. Nevertheless, as investors […]