Will the US Air Force Soon Be Using Blockchain for Supply Chain?

The grad school for the United States Air Force just developed a tool to help supply chain professionals learn about blockchain. The US Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) released its free tool in hopes of advancing the current infrastructure built around supply chain management. This news was released by the US business journal Modern […]

Elliott Wave: SPX Decision Time Is Coming Soon

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Ray Dalio: This Debt Cycle Will End Soon

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The Yield Curve Will Invert Soon. What’s Next for the Stock Market

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SC Johnson will Offer Crypto for Recycling in Indonesia Soon

SC Johnson has just announced that it has teamed up with Plastic Bank to reduce the global ocean plastic crisis happening around the world. The companies are currently trying to increase recycling rates in impoverished communities within Indonesia, while also trying to address the challenges of poverty. SC Johnson Blockchain SC Johnson and the environmental organization […]

Fortnite on the Blockchain? It Could Soon Be a Possibility

According to its website, blockchain creator MagnaChain is “changing the rules of the game.” And with a reported partnering with the popular video game Fortnite, could it be about to change the rules of the biggest game in the world? Could we be playing Fortnite on the blockchain soon? Fortnite on the Blockchain The most important […]

Silver Looks Poised To Move Soon

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SBI Ripple-Powered Application MoneyTap Set to Debut Soon

SBI, the Japan-based Fintech giant, has just announced its plans of launching an SBI Ripple-powered application for mobile called MoneyTap. ひっそりと、Moneytapのティザーサイトを公開しました。ロゴや画面のイメージ如何でしょうか!?https://t.co/Pw4JDg9nEy — 沖田 貴史 T.OKITA (@OKITATakashi) September 12, 2018 SBI Ripple-Powered Application The CEO of SBI Ripple Asia, Takashi Okita, took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce MoneyTap. The translated tweet reads: “Quietly, the teaser site […]

Gold COT Data at Extreme Levels, which suggests Recovery Should Start Soon

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CEO of Fatfish Internet: Crypto ETF Coming Soon, Despite Recent Rejections

There are numerous people and groups in the crypto industry that want a crypto ETF. The Gemini exchange is one, and BitWise is another. Over the weekend, the CEO of Fatfish Internet Group joined the conversation. But is there a crypto ETF coming soon, or is this false hope? After all, the SEC has a different opinion. […]

MinRes Soon to Acquire Koolyanobbing Iron Ore Operation

As the clock winds down, Mineral Resources (ASX:MIN) is all set to finalize its acquisition of the Koolyanobbing iron ore operation from Cleveland-Cliffs (NYSE:CLF).  The purchase, announced by MinRes in mid-June, is due for completion next Friday (July 27). According to the company, it is now finalizing negotiations with the Western Australia government to enable […]

CryptoKitties on HTC Devices: Mobile App Coming Soon!

CryptoKitties HTC partnership: CryptoKitties on HTC devices is perhaps something one would never have thought to have seen, but it’s happening anyway. In an attempt to create new perspectives on data privacy, Taiwanese phone maker HTC has announced a partnership with CryptoKitties, which is a game created by Vancouver-based Axiom Zen. Specifically, a version of […]

OKCoin Exchange Opens in California, More US States Coming “Soon”

OKCoin in California: OKCoin, an international cryptocurrency exchange, just announced that it has launched a branch within the US market offering cryptocurrency trading services between USD and several cryptocurrencies. According to the company’s website, the crypto exchange has already launched in California and is working on getting its services approved in other states. Each state has […]

Phase Two of Ethereum (ETH) is Coming Soon, Says Joe Lubin

Ethereum phase two: Co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), Joseph Lubin, just made a big announcement about the world’s second largest blockchain ecosystem. He spoke at the Rise conference yesterday in Hong Kong and revealed that the first layer of the Ethereum ecosystem is now complete and phase two should be finalized sometime this year. Lubin states that […]