Unpredictable Actions Make It Smart to Hold Gold

Shannara Johnson : What does a hot-shot Wall Street trader see in physical gold? And why would he be adamant about holding it? Jared Dillian, former head of ETF Trading at Lehman Brothers, is an acclaimed financial author and investment strategist at Mauldin Economics. He first discovered gold in 2005 when the launch of the […]

Smart silver Eagle buyers, not so smart Mint?

Congratulations are once again in order to all those silver American Eagle bullion coin buyers who stopped or reduced their purchases this year. Silver bullion is trading today below where it ended 2016. When I checked the Kitco website, it was $ 15.91 a troy ounce. It closed last year at $ 15.936. Add the […]

The smart way to keep people passive…

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How The Smart Money Is Playing The Lithium Boom

Article posted at The Market Oracle http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article59344.html The Market Oracle – Financial Markets Analysis and Forecasts – CLICK TO READ ARTICLE

The Smart Money Is Piling Into Regenerative Medicine

BY PATRICK COX : The Congressional Budget Office released its long-term budget outlook. This report should have sparked a national discussion about societal aging, but big media largely ignored it. Fortunately, there are signs that smart investors are hedging this failure by investing in regenerative medicine (RM). The Market Oracle

Financial Crisis, Steve Eisman: Smart, Lucky, Abrasive & Now One Of Them

I loved Michael Lewis’ book – The Big Short – about the 2008 Wall Street created global financial catastrophe, that is still impacting the little guys on Main Street eight years after it was supposedly resolved by Paulson, Bernanke and Obama. I even wrote an article about it called The Big Short: How Wall Street […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – How to USB Smart Switch Transfer App’s, Data and Settings (E4)

Here’s a quick way to get your new samsung phone setup with data and software and settings easily transferred over form your old samsung phone using the smart switch USB transfer dongle that comes with many if not most new samsung phones such as the S7. It really does work as this video illustrates, and […]