Risky Business: Lobo Tiggre Says Investors Have Nowhere to Hide

In part 3 of INN’s series on risk, we spoke with independent speculator Lobo Tiggre, also known as Louis James. So far, Rick Rule has said all jurisdictions are risky because of greedy politicians, and Jayant Bhandari has said that countries with more substantial legal and government systems in place are more predictable, and therefore […]

Trump Says OK to Task Force Created to Aid with Crypto Fraud

Trump crypto fraud task force: Earlier this year, the United States government revealed that it was looking at cryptocurrencies, with a particular focus on market fraud, and that it was developing a “comprehensive” strategy around virtual currencies. Now in the second half of the year, the US government is diving even further into the crypto […]

Phase Two of Ethereum (ETH) is Coming Soon, Says Joe Lubin

Ethereum phase two: Co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), Joseph Lubin, just made a big announcement about the world’s second largest blockchain ecosystem. He spoke at the Rise conference yesterday in Hong Kong and revealed that the first layer of the Ethereum ecosystem is now complete and phase two should be finalized sometime this year. Lubin states that […]