VIDEO — Rick Rule: 2 Overlooked “When” Sectors for Savvy Investors

Rick Rule is known for his belief that you’re either a contrarian or a victim, and at the recent Sprott Natural Resource Symposium he spoke about two sectors he believes are flying under the radar. Rule, who’s CEO of Sprott US Holdings, said agriculture is one of those industries, explaining that the appeal is simple. […]

Base Metals Weekly Round-Up: Stocks on a Roll and Rule on Risk

The sanctions and tariffs long promised by US President Donald Trump are finally here, and the markets don’t like what they see. Base metals have continued their downward journey this week, with copper hitting a new 2018 low at US$ 6,399 per tonne after finishing last week at an already deflated US$ 6,648. The red […]

Risky Business: Rick Rule Reminisces on Risk and Reward

Location, location, location —a phrase used most often by real estate agents is just as applicable to miners and where they stick a shovel. Some jurisdictions are favored for their ease of investment and clear-cut laws, others are on blacklists for fickle decision-making on behalf of their leaders or social unrest. Most fall in the […]