5 “Core” Elliott Wave Patterns, Ferrari (NYSE: RACE)

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In long horse race, gold trounces silver

A commonly used statistic is that the U.S. dollar has lost over 98 percent of its value since 1913. This is measured against gold. In 1913, the dollar was backed by gold. In 2018, it is not. The precise depreciation today as of my checking the price of gold on the Kitco website is 98.44353 […]

Silver medals win commemorative race

If I declare silver medals the wave of the future at the U.S. Mint, would you believe me? I cannot help but come to this conclusion after comparing initial sales numbers for the World War I Centennial commemorative program and the Breast Cancer Awareness program. Opening sales of the World War I coins realized $ […]

Silver beats gold in the three-legged race

It is no secret that demand for U.S. bullion coins has been weak this year. Monitoring sales is a bit like watching a three-legged race at a picnic. The marvel sometimes is that anybody finishes. However, it can be pointed out that the October results improved over the very weak September numbers. Sales of silver […]

Surge in UK Race Hate Crimes, Micro-Racism, Sheffield, Millhouses Park, Black on Asian

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Will anyone race to buy silver medal?

A silver medal is about to be offered by the U.S. Mint without any gimmicks involved. Will anyone show up to buy tomorrow? At noon Eastern Daylight Time the U.S.Mint will begin selling a one-ounce 225th Anniversary American Liberty silver medal. There is no mintage limit. There is no order limit. There are no games being played […]

Cash still wins in this spending race

Sweden might be leading a march to a cashless society, but the United States doesn’t seem inclined to follow. I noticed a story on CNBC this morning about the use of credit cards. Check it out. It is interesting. The headline is that 17 percent of Americans use credit cards for purchases that cost less […]