Crypto Playing Cards: New Cards that Will Help Crypto Adoption

Crypto wants to switch up the financial sector. Why not do so while playing cards!? A Switzerland-based company is now selling Crypto Playing Cards online. Crypto Playing Cards There are no Clubs, Spades, Diamonds, or Hearts in this deck. Rather, the cards are all about cryptocurrency. Players will play their hand with the specially designed crypto […]

Is ‘Deadman’s Curve’ playing for silver?

Silver American Eagle purchasers seem to be losing interest in the popular bullion coin again. Sales numbers are inexplicably declining. With just two days to go in October, sales have dropped by 54 percent from September. This decline is significant. Unless there is a late purchase of 1,567,500 pieces in less than 48 hours, the […]

VIDEO — Brian Leni: 3 Tips for Playing the Resource Space

After an optimistic beginning to the year, sentiment in the resource space has taken a downturn. But according to Brian Leni, founder of Junior Stock Review, it’s not all doom and gloom. “Some people have made some money, and those people are certainly happy,” he said at the recent Sprott Natural Resource Symposium. “I think […]