Could Palladium Become More Valuable Than Gold?

Over the past six weeks, the price of palladium has risen by close to 30 percent, leaving market watchers to believe that it could be on track to be more valuable than gold for the first time in 16 years. On Friday (September 28), future prices for the precious metal jumped from a mid-August low […]

Palladium Eagle sells out according to script

Six-minute sellout. In about the time it takes to fry an egg, the 2018-W proof palladium American Eagle sold out yesterday. It went on sale at noon Eastern Time. The Mint offered 15,000 pieces with an order limit of one per household. Price was $ 1,387.50. Like Pavlov’s dogs, we all did what we usually […]

Platinum and Palladium Make Gains, but Still in Bearish Territory

Both platinum and palladium made gains on Thursday (August 16), despite previously falling to 10-year and 13-month lows respectively. The precious group metals (PGMs) rebounded thanks to a weakened greenback, but were still shaky after falling in response to the ongoing currency crisis in Turkey, which began after US President Donald Trump imposed sanctions on the […]

Palladium Leading the Platinum-group Metals Market and Beyond

Platinum-group metals (PGMs) are six similar transitional metals that include palladium, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium and osmium. Each has similar physical and chemical properties to the others in the group, and they tend to occur together in the same deposits. Classified as rare precious metals, PGMs have significant industrial applications, most notably in the manufacturing […]

Proof palladium sellout virtually guaranteed

When the U.S. Mint puts the one-ounce palladium American Eagle proof coin on sale Sept. 6, should we call it a first year of issue? It is the first collector version of the bullion coin. This proof issue, though, comes a year after the bullion version debuted in 2017. One year ago, bullion buyers grabbed […]

Wheaton Acquires Gold and Palladium Stream

Wheaton Precious Metals’ (TSX:WPM, NYSE:WPM) wholly-owned subsidiary, Wheaton Precious Metals International, is set to acquire gold and palladium equal to a fixed percentage of production from the Stillwater and East Boulder mines, collectively referred to as Stillwater, from Sibanye Gold (JSE: SGL; NYSE: SBGL). As quoted in the press release: Wheaton International will pay Sibanye-Stillwater upfront cash consideration of US$ […]