Stock Market Outlook: is the S&P today just like 2007 or 2016?

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VIDEO — Guy Bourassa of Nemaska Lithium: Financing Challenges, Demand Outlook and What’s Next

Interview conducted by Priscila Barrera; article text by Olivia Da Silva. In a conversation with the Investing News Network, Nemaska Lithium (TSX:NMX,OTCQX:NMKEF) President and CEO Guy Bourassa gave a shining outlook on the lithium market based around global demand for high-quality product. Speaking at PDAC, Bourassa explained that while China currently has an oversupply of technical-grade carbonate […]

Livent Falls on Weaker Chinese Lithium Demand Outlook

Shares of lithium producer Livent (NYSE:LTHM) fell more than 6 percent on Tuesday (February 12) after the company said it forecasts weaker Chinese lithium demand during 2019. The Philadelphia-based company said the results of year-end negotiations with customers outside of China for 2019 were in-line with expectations, with the majority of these customers committed to […]

Macroeconomic Outlook for 2019 and Gold

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Mauldin: My 2019 Economic Outlook

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Japanese Yen Outlook In 2019

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Blockchain Outlook 2019: Disruption Continues

Earlier this week the Investing News Network (INN) reported on blockchain trends of 2018–which touched on the increase of institutional investors in the space, regulations and other industries this new technology has begun disrupting. With 2019 freshly under way, it’s time to look at what’s in store for the blockchain industry for the year ahead […]

Sri Lanka’s Short Term Outlook Is Hazy: Limited Pockets of Value Present

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Money Metals 2019 Precious Metal Markets Outlook

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Coal Outlook 2019: Demand to Remain Stable

This time last year, many expected coal prices to increase following a better-than-expected performance in 2017 — but instead coal prices had a volatile 2018. During the summer, supply concerns helped push prices higher, but the price uptick did not last long, with coal trending downward after August on the back of tougher Chinese environmental […]

Diamond Outlook 2019: Technology Driving Sector Change

The diamond sector has experienced a number of major developments over the last 12 months. From record-setting discoveries, to the emergence of digital platforms and the unveiling of the world’s first lab-grown fashion jewelry line, 2018 was eventful for the gem sector. In 2017, global diamond production grew by 19 percent year-over-year, reaching a four-year […]

Molybdenum Outlook 2019: Price Recovery to Continue

Last year, molybdenum started to see a recovery in prices and many market watchers predicted that in 2018 the metal would continue to rebound. Molybdenum lived up to those expectations, with prices trending upwards most of the year on strong demand from the stainless steel sector. With 2019 just around the corner, investors interested in […]

Tin Outlook 2019: A Bright Year Ahead?

After performing with volatility in 2017, tin prices had a rocky 2018, declining more than 10 percent during the 12-month period. The US-China trade war, which impacted demand from top consumer China and increased tin supply, put pressure on the industrial metal. As 2018 comes to a close, tin-focused investors are wondering what’s ahead for […]

Phosphate Outlook 2019: Supply Constraints to Bolster Prices

Although analysts expected a price decrease in the phosphate sector over 2018 the opposite actually occurred, and prices trended higher throughout the year. In fact, 2018 ended up being an eventful year for the phosphate market — most notable was the implementation of strict regulations around the raw materials used to make phosphate in China. […]

China’s 2019 Economic Growth Outlook

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The Bitcoin BTC Collapse of 2018, Trend Outlook 2019

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Lead Outlook 2019: Mines Back Online as Prices Dither

In 2018, lead took on much of the same calamity that its fellow base metals endured in the face of dismal investor sentiment caused by the US-China trade war. From a starting value of US$ 2,543 a tonne on January 1 to prices below US$ 2,000 towards the end of the year, lead lost 22.3 […]

Potash Outlook 2019: Steady Price Growth Expected

In 2017, potash output was slightly lower in the US, but the shortfall was offset by increased production in Belarus, Canada and Russia, which helped boost the annual total to 42 million tonnes, up from 39.3 million tonnes in 2016. Increased output in 2017 kept potash prices in check at around US$ 330 a tonne […]

Graphite Outlook 2019: Will Supply Increase?

Graphite is an essential metal used in electric vehicle (EV) batteries, and as sales of EVs grow, market watchers believe demand for the metal will surge.  Despite discussions surrounding changes in battery chemistry, many experts think graphite will remain a key element in EV batteries for at least the next decade. Both synthetic graphite and […]

Aluminum Outlook 2019: US-China Trade War to Drive Pricing

The US-China trade war was without a doubt a key catalyst for the aluminum market in 2018, with US sanctions on major producers fueling supply worries over the last 12 months. As political tensions escalated during the year, aluminum hit a multi-year high, but was unable to keep the momentum, with demand slowing down in […]

Iron Outlook 2019: Premium Prices for Premium Grade

Iron ore was in for a bit of a ride in 2018 — not because of the trade war, but because of Chinese environmental regulations, which had miners scrambling to tailor their products to the market. In regards to prices, for iron ore it’s a continuing story of decline; over the last few years the […]

Palladium Outlook 2019: Prices Will Continue to Shine

The price of palladium has climbed almost 18 percent over the course of the year, pulling ahead its sister metal platinum and rivaling gold. The precious metal received a boost in demand this year from environmental concerns causing a global shift from diesel to gasoline and hybrid vehicles, which use more of the commodity in […]

Platinum Outlook 2019: Demand Decline to Dampen Prices

The price of platinum dropped almost 16 percent in 2018 and took a major back seat to its sister metal palladium over the course of the year. Since the precious metal is primarily used in catalytic converters for diesel-powered vehicles, the lack of demand for diesel-powered cars in Europe and China throughout 2018 weighed on […]

Manganese Outlook 2019: Price Growth Ahead

Following almost 24 months of volatility the manganese sector experienced some stability in 2018, despite prices being depressed and slightly decreasing by year’s end. The price of manganese ore remained moderately stable with a minor decline in the last weeks of 2018, which is uncharacteristic of the metal that has rallied in Q4 in previous […]

Pharma Outlook 2019: Drug Pricing Dialogue Continues

Drug pricing, merger and acquisition (M&A) activity and clinical trial news were major pharma trends in 2018, and as 2019 approaches investors are wondering about the pharma outlook. As we head into the new year, the Investing News Network (INN) is looking at what’s in store for the pharma industry moving forward with insight from […]

Fintech Outlook 2019: AI and Remittance in Focus

While 2018 was a polarized year for fintech, industry experts are positive on the sector and say investors should look at companies “that have solutions that can scale.” As noted in our 2018 fintech trends article, the year saw several small- and mid-cap companies expand their businesses to new regions. Multiple reports also indicate that […]

Lithium Outlook 2019: A Transition Year Ahead

Announcements of new electric vehicle (EV) models from carmakers continued to rapidly increase in 2018, with lithium-ion megafactory capacity expected to reach over 1 terawatt hour, according to Benchmark Mineral Intelligence. But even though the outlook for demand is getting stronger by the day, lithium sentiment from some investors was bearish throughout 2018, with lithium […]

Nickel Outlook 2019: No Boom, but Batteries Loom

Nickel was as hard hit as other base metals in 2018 as investor sentiment bled the markets, leading to lower prices even as demand increased. Analysts predict that nickel prices will stay low through to 2019, barring any significant improvements in the seemingly deteriorating US-China trade rhetoric. Additionally, the much-touted battery metal boom might well […]

Zinc Outlook 2019: A Year That Has to Be Better

Zinc has had a bruiser of a year, with prices for the unloved metal racing fellow base metals to the bottom of the pile since the trade war kicked off in earnest over June and July. While supplies continue to dry up and stockpiles continue to fall, prices haven’t responded in any meaningful way, leading […]

Vanadium Outlook 2019: After the “Year of Vanadium,” What’s Next?

2018 has been an excellent year for vanadium. The metal is used as an alloy in steel production, but is gaining interest as word spreads of its energy storage potential. Like lithium and cobalt, which have become vital to the small-scale battery manufacturing sector, vanadium is proving instrumental in large-scale energy storage systems, particularly the […]