Trip to Philadelphia Mint will pay dividends

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin made an under-the-numismatic-radar trip to the Philadelphia Mint on Feb. 22. Though Treasury secretaries are in overall charge of the U.S. Mint, they seldom are seen by collectors touring the production sites. Last year, Mnuchin made a trip to Fort Knox in Kentucky to visit the gold storage facility there. The […]

Well done, Mint, on order limit

Are United States Mint new issues order limits making a comeback? I hope so When the new American Liberty one-tenth ounce 2018 gold proof coin went on sale Feb. 8, the Mint imposed a household order limit of five coins. Overall mintage limit is 135,000. Price of the new coin is $ 215. There was […]

Can new British mint service possibly succeed?

The British Royal Mint is going into the coin authentication and valuing service. Can you believe it? You should. With countries moving to cashlessness, what’s a mint to do to stay relevant in the 21st century? The Royal Mint announced it has decided to offer a service that might be considered competition with third-party grading […]

Mint looks to silver medals for its future

The path to the future is paved with silver for the United States Mint. Two new silver medal programs are coming. Yesterday, members of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee were briefed on the details. The Mint likes Presidents. The dollar coin program that ran 2007 to 2016 will have a successor in medals. A series […]

Mint absent from the fight against fakes?

The Mint is not doing enough to combat counterfeits. This is the conclusion of the Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets. It issued a statement yesterday. The conclusion was drawn after studying a Nov. 17 letter written by Acting Deputy Director David Motl to Rep. Frank Lucas. “We are nevertheless disheartened […]

Mint starts 2018 with proof silver Eagle

The first collector coin that the U.S. Mint will put on sale in 2018 is the proof silver American Eagle. It becomes available on the website Jan. 4. This is a good indication of how relatively popular the coin is among collectors and other potential coin buyers. We are still waiting for word on when […]

See? The Mint isn’t doing so badly, is it?

The United States, as well as its coin collectors, have been waiting since 2006 to see what alternatives to current coin compositions might be introduced. Costs of producing cents and nickels continue to be higher than face value. The need to address rising costs has produced much talk and some research. If you think this […]

Two Mint directors share one opinion

Former Mint directors Philip Diehl and Ed Moy teamed up to advocate abolishing the cent and the dollar bill and striking dollar coins to replace the paper money. Coin collectors have seen this movie before. It is nice when a former Democrat appointee to the Mint can agree with a former Republican appointee. Diehl was […]

U.S. Mint Gold Coin Sales and VIX Point To Increased Market Volatility and Higher Gold

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At last a new Mint director to be appointed?

How do we get a new Mint director and an old one at the same time? President Donald Trump has found the answer by expressing his intention to fill the chair at the Mint that has been vacant since early 2011. David J. Ryder’s name is to be nominated and sent to the U.S. Senate. […]

U.S. Mint Gold Bullion Coin Sales Dive as Buyers Take Advantage of Secondary Market

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Proof set, mint set or just a duck?

It looks like a proof set. It has “S” mintmarks on the coins in it like a proof set. But it’s not a proof set. It is the 225th anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set It will be released Aug. 1 and be available at the U.S. Mint booth at the American Numismatic Association convention in […]

Smart silver Eagle buyers, not so smart Mint?

Congratulations are once again in order to all those silver American Eagle bullion coin buyers who stopped or reduced their purchases this year. Silver bullion is trading today below where it ended 2016. When I checked the Kitco website, it was $ 15.91 a troy ounce. It closed last year at $ 15.936. Add the […]

Mint looks for loyal silver Eagle buyers

The 2017-W uncirculated silver American Eagle goes on sale at noon Eastern Daylight Time today. Price is $ 44.95. There is no order limit. There is no mintage limit. Are you a loyal Eagle buyer? Will you jump at the chance to purchase this specially made collector product? Sales of the 2017-W proof silver Eagle […]

U.S. Mint Announces Plans to Discontinue Mail Orders

On Friday, May 26, the United States Mint today announced that it is discontinuing all mail orders effective September 30, 2017. The Mint will return any mail orders received after September 30 with instructions for placing orders online or by phone. The consumer products industry is increasingly adopting Web-based sales channels, including mobile applications, that […]

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Former Contractor Charged with Theft of Gold from Perth Mint

By CoinWeek News Staff …. On April 7, the Perth Mint in Perth, Western Australia, became aware of the possible theft of a one-kilogram gold bar. A security team involved with the Mint investigated the situation and determined that the gold was indeed stolen. The Perth Mint then contacted the Gold Stealing Detection Unit of […]

We wait for a new Mint director

When are we going to get a new director of the United States Mint? It is a logical question anytime, but more so following the news that a Treasurer of the United States has been nominated by the President. The post has been vacant since Ed Moy resigned in 2011. Moy had an interest in […]

Don’t skip medals on redesigned Mint website

I was looking around the Mint’s redesigned website this morning. Take a look at it. It is worth a visit. Naturally, I wanted to be able to find the areas that I need to look at regularly. It is also interesting to look at Mint issues that I have seen before, but with new eyes. I […]

Mint seeks Apollo 11 coin artists

A coin design competition begins May 1 to find a design for the four 2019 Apollo 11 anniversary commemorative coins. I say design because it is literally a search for one design to be used on the obverses of all the commemorative coins. The United States Mint is going to execute a common reverse internally […]

Put automatic order limits on all Mint offers

It is time for the U.S. Mint to create a new sales policy. Any offer of anything it makes during the first week of availability should be limited to one to a customer. That’s it. It should be automatic. There should be no individual policy decisions by Mint leadership and marketing. No gray areas. One […]

U.S. Mint Continues to Surprise with 2017-S American Silver Eagle in New Congratulations Set

By CoinWeek News Staff …… Earlier in the week, PCGS tipped off CoinWeek regarding the U.S. Mint’s latest surprise release – the 2017-S American Silver Eagle Proof Coin, available in the upcoming 2017 Congratulations Set, available April 4. A Mint press release later confirmed the information we received Monday. While this is not the first time […]

U.S. Mint Wins Krause Best Circulating, Most inspirational Coin Awards at Berlin World Money Fair

Two United States Mint coins recognized for design and artistic vision The United States recently earned top honors in two coin design categories at the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany. United States Mint officials accepted two Coin of the Year (COTY) Awards on behalf of the Nation. The U.S. won in the category of […]

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Scottsdale Mint offers silver ‘heft factor’

Coin collectors have built a wall of plastic. They are cut off from the coins they love. Scottsdale Mint has a remedy. The firm knows we are mentally and physically attached to our coins, but we have a financial investment that we want to protect. Many of us were introduced to collecting by searching change and […]

US Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Coin Sales

Gold’s first new bull market since 2011 last year was overwhelmingly driven by stock investors flooding into gold ETFs.  Traditional physical bar-and-coin demand was actually quite weak, falling considerably year-over-year.  Nevertheless, it’s still important to stay abreast of classic gold and silver investment demand.  One key microcosm of that comes in the form of the […]

Sold Out US Mint Products, Last Chance at Collector Coins

Two United States Mint products for collectors sold out last week, and the bureau just published a list of other coin collecting products that will go off sale by year’s end. No longer available are the 2013-P Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin and the 2013-W American Eagle Gold […]

2017 U.S. Mint America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set Available Jan. 5

Sales will open for the 2017 United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set™ (product code 17AP) on January 5 at noon Eastern Time (ET). The five proof-finish quarters in this set have reverse designs honoring Effigy Mounds National Monument (IA), Frederick Douglass National Historic Site (DC), Ozark National Scenic Riverways (MO), Ellis Island […]

Mint pricing sometimes looks crazy

Mint pricing is baffling to collectors. If you want a 2017 Lions commemorative silver dollar, the price is $ 47.95 for a proof. The uncirculated is $ 46.95. The difference is $ 1. Collectors have long believed proof coins ago be superior pieces that cost more to make. Therefore, the price of the proof should be […]