Ripple has Many Ongoing Lawsuits, but This One Just Got Settled

There are so many ongoing Ripple lawsuits that you have to count them with both hands. Sure, it’s unfortunate, but it keeps Ripple in the public eye, providing the masses with constant XRP news; this isn’t the case for many altcoins as Bitcoin (BTC) often hogs all the attention and altcoins get left behind. Recently, however, […]

Too many designs or not enough?

Should we have five designs each year on all denominations of U.S. coinage, cents through dollars? We have gotten used to five designs a year on quarters since 1999. We had four Presidential dollars each year 2007-2015 (three in 2016) issued alongside annual Native American designs. We even had four cent designs in 2009. A […]

Many ways to own gold

An email arrived to call my attention to a new gold medal issue from the Yukon. It was sent to me over the weekend by Dick Hanscom of Alaska Rare Coins. He is a veteran coin dealer from Fairbanks as well as a keen observer of things numismatic in the far northern state as well […]

Steven Cohen Invests in Crypto Hedge Fund: A First of Many?

The King has left the hedge fund building. Now, Steven Cohen, otherwise known as the ‘Hedge Fund King’, has entered the world of cryptocurrency. Yes, the headlines are true: Steven Cohen invests in a crypto hedge fund. Steven Cohen Invests in Crypto Hedge Fund Cohen, a Billionaire investor, is still technically involved in the hedge fund […]