The Libra Association Gets a New Member in Shopify

The Libra Association has signed up Canadian e-commerce platform Shopify as its newest member as the troubled crypto project looks to get back on track. Libra has lost several founding members in recent months for a variety of reasons, the most prominent of which was the massive amount of scrutiny leveled at the project. The […]

Libra Vice Chair Unconcerned By High Profile Departures

Dante Disparte, Vice-Chair of the Libra Association, said that he was unconcerned by recent high-profile departures from the project just two weeks after Vodafone became the latest name to ditch the proposed digital coin. Speaking to CoinDesk at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week, Disparte said that the Libra project was picking up […]

Vodafone Becomes Latest Big Name Backer to Quit Libra

British telecom giant Vodafone is the latest firm to pull out of the Libra Association, the non-profit body overseeing the Facebook-led digital coin, bringing the total number of early backers to withdraw from the project to eight. Vodafone Walks Away Both Vodafone and Libra confirmed the news last week with the departure appearing to be […]

Mastercard CEO Reveals Why His Firm Quit Libra Over Several Red Flags

Mastercard CEO Ajay Banga says his company left The Libra Association after his attitude towards the project deteriorated over proposals to link the coin with its own built-in wallet, Calibra, as well as the lack of a clear business model. In an interview with the Financial Times, the payment services chief, who has headed up […]

International Central Banks to Question Libra Over Security Concerns

Libra, the planned cryptocurrency led by Facebook, is to be questioned by officials from 26 central banks in Switzerland today. Representatives from the heavily scrutinized project will face a grilling by officials from central banks, including the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, over the cryptocurrency’s “scope and design.” Since being announced in June, […]

France Pushes to Block Development of Libra in Europe

France’s Minister of the Economy and Finance has said the country will block the development of Libra in Europe as it threatens “monetary sovereignty.” Bruno Le Maire stated that he had serious concerns about the disruption the planned Facebook-led cryptocurrency could have on governments’ economic power at a meeting of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development […]

Facebook Libra Must Follow US Rules, Says Treasury Official

It was back in July that Facebook’s Libra was announced and ever since the announcement, it has become the subject of intense scrutiny from lawmakers. It has not only led to the scrutiny of the entire cryptocurrency project announced by Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) but that of the wider cryptocurrency market as well and consequently, it has proven […]

Facebook Libra to Be Pegged to Multiple Currencies as Stablecoin

One of the biggest disruptions to the crypto space this year has been the announcement of Libra from the tech giant Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) back in July. The white paper published by the company about its cryptocurrency resulted in a lot of chaos and eventually led to turmoil in the crypto market as lawmakers expressed their […]

Facebook’s Libra: Coinbase’s Ex-Policy Head Will Lead Lobbying

In July, tech giant Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) announced that it was going to launch its own cryptocurrency named Libra, and since then, it has lurched from one problem to the next. Policymakers from all across the world, including the head of the US Federal Reserve and US President Donald Trump, expressed their skepticism about Libra soon after. […]

Investors Consider Cutting Ties with Facebook’s Libra Amid Regulatory Scrutiny

At least three investors in Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency are considering disassociating with the currency following intense regulatory pushback. According to a report published in the Financial Times on Friday, some backers are fearful that the spotlight placed on the social media giant’s proposed cryptocurrency will also bring their own separate, independent businesses into disrepute. Two […]

Bitcoin Slumps as Facebook’s Libra Continues to Get Heavy Criticism

Bitcoin is taking a hit this morning and fell over 8% to below $ 9,800. Here is the key driver. Tech giant Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) announced in June that it was going to launch its own cryptocurrency named Libra and ever since the announcement, the crypto market has been in a bit of turmoil. It attracted attention […]

Binance Launching Venus Blockchain Project: Challenging Facebook’s Libra?

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world is taking on social media behemoth Facebook (NASDAQ:FB). Well, sort of. On Monday, August 19, Binance announced it will be launching the Venus blockchain project. Here’s what we know and why Binance is challenging Mark Zuckerberg’s billion-dollar company by doing so. Binance Launching Venus Blockchain Project […]

Facebook Libra Faces Another Setback From Global Regulators

Ever since Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) announced that it was going to come up with its own cryptocurrency last month, the company has faced a whole range of backlash from regulatory bodies not only in the United States but also in the rest of the world. The name of the cryptocurrency is Libra, and although the company is […]

Facebook Libra Is Nothing More than a Nice Idea

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Facebook Warns Libra Currency May Not Hit the Market

The month of July has been one of turmoil and chaos in the crypto sphere, and one of the big reasons behind such a state of affairs was the announcement of the Libra coin, the cryptocurrency that is to be introduced by Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) next year. As soon as it was announced, it sent alarm […]

Bitcoin Extends Sell-Off as Facebook’s Libra Uncertainty Lingers

After having a rollicking rally during the first half of the year, Bitcoin (BTC) has had a forgettable time in the month of July, and the reasons behind the troubles are manifold. The announcement from Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) about its very own cryptocurrency Libra may have initially been thought of as a welcome addition to the […]

Bitcoin Survey Shows Major Distrust Abounds for Facebook’s Libra

A new Bitcoin survey asking US citizens about Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) new Libra stablecoin has yielded some surprising results. When compared to leading cryptocurrencies, only 2% felt they would trust Libra more than Bitcoin. The results may surprise traders and also raise questions about Facebook’s newest endeavor. Bitcoin Survey A poll of 1,799 US adults was carried out […]

Bitcoin Could Rebound if Facebook’s Libra Hearing Goes Well

2019 has been an excellent year for Bitcoin (BTC) after the poor year in 2018 had instigated many to write off the cryptocurrency, and by extension, the crypto space altogether. The cryptocurrency went on a highly impressive run this year and almost replicated the sort of rally that it had enjoyed back in 2017. However, […]

Facebook’s Digital Coin Libra Faces Extreme Criticism

Libra, Facebook’s cryptocurrency to be launched as a payment service provider, requires close examination. According to a senior official at Britain’s financial watchdog, this new coin project requires deep scrutiny as it raises questions both on social and legal grounds. Facebook unveiled its Libra digital coin last month as a platform that will let one buy […]

Crypto News Today: Poloniex Now Accepts Cards, Will Gemini Join Libra?

The cryptocurrency sphere is bustling today. Crypto news regarding Poloniex is causing a stir. The exchange will now accepts credit cards and bank accounts. Elsewhere, prominent crypto-advocates the Winklevoss twins, along with their Gemini exchange, might be buddying up with Facebook’s Libra. Let’s check this out. Crypto News Making Moves Major cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex has […]

China’s Cryptocurrency: A Response to Facebook’s Libra Coin?

In response to Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, Libra, China’s central bank is reportedly developing its own cryptocurrency. According to the South China Morning Post, Libra poses a threat to the country’s financial system, and this has spurred on the development of the bank’s own digital coin. China’s Cryptocurrency At an event at Peking University’s Institute of Digital […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Falls Back Again As Facebook’s Libra Faces Huge Setback

Bitcoin (BTC) has been on a tearing run for much of 2019 after making a remarkable turnaround from its low of last year. However, the past few days have not been particularly great for the cryptocurrency as the price fluctuated quite wildly at the start of the week. Although Bitcoin did recover, the price slumped […]

This UK Financial Regulator Has a Problem with Facebook’s Libra Coin

Most individuals in the crypto space have been following the journey of the Libra coin, Facebook’s recently unveiled cryptocurrency. From month-long rumors to the company unveiling it last month to Binance reportedly entering discussions with Facebook over it, the public has long known about Libra coin. And today, July 2, there is even more news […]

Binance in Discussions with Facebook Over Libra Coin

According to CoinTelegraph, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, Binance, is in “official” talks with Facebook regarding the latter’s new Libra coin. The exchange’s strategy officer, Gin Chao, told BlockTV yesterday that the company is “very excited” about the Libra project. What we know so far, according to Chao, is that the talks “have […]

What Does Facebook’s LIBRA New Crytocurrency Really Offer?

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Facebook Wasting No Time Developing Recently Announced Libra Coin

Last week, the world received highly anticipated news. After the story circulated through the media ranks for months, Facebook finally confirmed it. Yes, the social media giant has moved into the crypto market, rolling out a cryptocurrency called the Libra coin. While a new venture for the company, Facebook is wasting no time jumping in. Here’s […]

Facebook Enters the Crypto Space with Libra Coin

On Tuesday, Facebook and its partners unveiled its new cryptocurrency dubbed Libra coin that will transform how its over 2.38 billion users perceive the use of crypto to make purchases. Libra to Bring “Unbanked” Individuals to the System The project is offering a stable digital currency that expects to bring more unbanked individuals into the […]

Facebook’s Libra Crypto currency vs Bitcoin: Five Key Differences

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