VIDEO — Blockchain Update July 2018

July was another bustling month for cryptocurrencies and blockchain, with digital currency favorite bitcoin reaching a two-month high during the month and a number of blockchain mining companies filling the month with progress updates. Case in point, bitcoin recovered from its 2018 lows of US$ ,5826.41 in June, starting the month off at US$ 6,500 […]

5 Pharmaceutical IPOs in July

These companies have recently completed the steps in joining the public market, allowing more opportunities for pharmaceutical investors. This environment of investors is ever changing with the open conversation of drug prices in the US, making way for the threat of a pharmaceutical pricing structure in the country. Aside from President Donald Trump’s remarks and […]

VIDEO — Cannabis Update July 2018

During the month of July the cannabis public markets were hit with a few announcements that changed the course of the upcoming recreational market in Canada. One of the biggest stories this month was the decision by newly elected Ontario Premier Doug Ford to forego the plan for government monopoly of stores selling recreational cannabis. […]

Gold Eagles star in month of July

Do gold American Eagle buyers know something the rest of us don’t? July sales of 35,000 ounces is the highest total since January clocked 58,500. The one-ounce coin alone registered even closer to the January number at 31,500 compared to 36,000. For four months in a row, sales figures have been rising. That’s a trend. […]