World Crypto Con: Joseph Ciccolo on Regulating Crypto Properly

Welcome to the World Crypto Con Spotlight series. Today’s guest: Joseph Ciccolo. World Crypto Con World Crypto Con (WCC) is a platform for industry leaders to share their knowledge of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, as well as introduce their projects to the world. WCC welcomes both experts and novices to attend; there’s something for […]

Joseph Lubin, Ethereum Co-Founder – Recent Slump Won’t Affect Growth

Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin has spoken about the recent slump in the cryptocurrency market and it seems he is undeterred by it. In a recent interview with Bloomberg Television, Lubin said that price collapses have been part-in-parcel of the “blockchain ecosystem since 2009” and as a whole, the market won’t be affected by the slump. He […]

Is Berlin a Blockchain Hotspot? Ethereum’s Joseph Lubin Thinks So

More and more countries, cities, and states are adopting blockchain technology. Malta already has, and so has Colorado—and for good reasons, too. Many have said that blockchain will one day surpass crypto, being the brains behind the operation. Until then, areas in the world are going to keep exploring the technology. This week, we saw […]

Bitcoin “Exists Because of the Abuses” — Nobel-Winning Economist Joseph Stiglitz Speaks Out

Joseph Stiglitz: Not everyone is a fan of Bitcoin. Despite proclamations from supporters about its revolutionary technology and the “freedom” it offers its users, many are still not convinced. If you’re Bitcoin, it must not bode well for you to have a major critic in the form of Nobel-winning economist and Columbia Professor Joseph Stiglitz. […]