If You Consider Your Home an Investment, Read This

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Crypto World Cup: Satoshi Nakamoto Takes Home Third Place

63 games down and one more to go. Earlier, the Crypto World Cup third-place match took place, and, after a middling match, Satoshi Nakamoto secured the title of third place. Some argue that the third-place game in the Crypto World Cup means nothing; after all, it’s not like the winning crypto player gets a bronze […]

Crypto World Cup Semi-Finals: It’s Coming Home…But Where’s Home?

The Crypto World Cup Semi-Finals are Here! It’s hard to believe that the Crypto World Cup semi-finals start tomorrow, July 10th. It feels like just yesterday the group stages were kicking off. From then to now, the whole tournament has been fun to watch. Mostly because it played out differently than most years. In the […]