A Guide to Understanding Cryptocurrency White Papers

Anyone looking to invest in bitcoin or any other form of cryptocurrency has surely spent some time researching and reading about it. Entering the crypto world without any knowledge would be a crazy and reckless thing to do, especially if you are planning to invest money into it. While blogs, forums, and the many available […]

Announcing the Cryptocurrency Security Guide from BitIRA

There’s no doubt that Americans are showing more and more interest in cryptocurrency. A recent survey from LendEDU found that Bitcoin ownership in the U.S. is just below 14%, with over 17% interested in adding it to their portfolio in the future. One of the biggest barriers for investors to enter cryptocurrency investing is security. […]

My guide will be George Washington

All these years into the Internet Age, I still receive snail mail regularly. Yesterday came an anonymous letter. Remember those? It was postmarked Grand Rapids, Mich. It reads: “Mr. Harper: “You look silly with your bald head. I think you should get a wig; I think the coin market is fading because a lot of investors […]