Trip to China brings me full circle

Coin of the Year is an award that World Coin News has given since it was created in 1984 to honor coins dated 1982. This paper is sister to Numismatic News, and it serves collectors of world coins. I had the honor of being an initial judge for the COTY award, and I have been […]

Stock Market Lemmings in Full Gallup Towards Cliff

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Stock Market Correction in Full Swing

SPX Long-term trend: The uptrend should continue after pausing for a correction. SPX Intermediate trend: “An ending pattern appears to be in its last stages of completion. This should be followed by an intermediate term correction into October.” The correction has started. Analysis of the short-term trend is done on a daily-basis with the help […]

The full guide to Nazi gold and currency war

This morning’s papers and news-shows are full of the story that in 1939 the Bank of England facilitated the sale of Nazi looted gold, not just once but at least twice during that year. Both times without approval of the British government, despite an attempt to freeze Czech assets. The story of Nazi gold is both fascinating […]

MSM Bond Market Full Nonsense Mode as ‘Trump Trades’ Unwind on Schedule

I’ve been watching the herds to try to determine just when the interest rate topic among the best and brightest (as chosen by the media) would start to pivot from ‘rising rates!’ hysterics that have been locked and loaded in the public psyche since the US election to a sort of ‘rut roh, maybe we […]