EOS: Lack of Decentralization Exposed with Reversed Transaction

Blockchain protocol EOS, run by Block.one, has just become the subject of a new crypto scandal. It all began on November 9th, when a picture emerged on Reddit of a moderator on EOS reversing a transaction that had already been confirmed. Decentralized? According to the Reddit user u/auti9003, a reverse transaction occurred without the owner’s […]

Crypto Twitter Accounts Are Being Exposed by ShillExed

On Sunday, July 15th, 2018 a new account emerged on Crypto Twitter under the handle @Shillexed and the “ShillExed” name. Within 48 hours that account had gained over 5,000 followers. This account claims to be “dedicated to exposing those who do not disclose their paid shills” which is another way to say, they will attempt […]