Samsung Smartphone Galaxy Gear VR Headset Unboxing and First Use – What to Expect

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Whoever Gets Appointed to the Fed, Expect Negative Rates and QE in the Next Crisis

Janet Yellen’s current turn at the chair expires in February. Who will be running the Fed next year, and will it matter? How will new leadership change anything? Trump could renominate her but hasn’t yet announced a decision or even given a hint. This is speculation, but President Trump had some kind words for Yellen […]

If You Invest In Stocks Now, Expect No More Than 3% Returns In The Next 20 Years

BY JOHN MAULDIN : We didn’t have all of this big data or computing power when I started in the investment publishing industry in 1982. But we do today. This data not only shows us the present state of the stock market, but also tells what that means in terms of probable returns over the […]

Energy Market Volatility: What to Expect Next

Our Chief Energy Analyst talks about what he’s looking at across the energy markets In this new interview with Steve Craig, the Editor of our Energy Pro Service, he explains that when looking across the energy complex, 2017 is playing out according to his Elliott wave script. The Market Oracle

US Economy Contracting but Expect Higher Stock Prices

The United States is the world’s largest and most diversified economy! It is currently suffering through a protracted period of slow growth which has held down job creation and labor market participation.  The Pew Research Center reported, in late 2015, that a mere 19% of Americans trust the government either always or most of the […]