Gold And The Coming Collapse: Are We Close To A Major Monetary Event?

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This Event Could Lead To A Collapse Of The Euro… And Send Gold Skyrocketing

Stephen McBride : The first round of the French presidential election takes place this Sunday, April 23… and the future of the European Union depends on the outcome. Establishment candidate Emanuel Macron leads in the polls, but Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right Front National is trailing him by only 1%. However, the real […]

Past few days a fractal event for the gold market. . . . RSS Feed – 24hGold Editorials and commentaries

Gold Market Fractal Event

“In the absence of a credible monetary standard, we expect no escape from the treadmill of rising debt, both US and globally, that outpaces economic growth. Income inequality, wage stagnation, overvaluation of financial assets, and speculation instead of productive investment are likely to be prolonged under the current monetary regime. Whether or not policy makers […]

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