2013-W First Strike Silver Eagles Enhanced Finish MS70 & Reverse PR70 PCGS

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Silver Eagles repeat Morgan dollar history

Are there too many silver American Eagle bullion coins? If that seems like an idiotic question, bear with me for a few minutes. Collectors my age and older remember the millions of old silver dollars backed up in Treasury vaults. We watched their eventual release and even participated in the General Services Administration sales of […]

April lackluster for gold and silver Eagles

It is the first day of May. For the second time this year, I have to write that the price of gold is in danger of sinking below where it began 2018. When I checked the Kitco website, gold was valued at $ 1,308.30 an ounce, a measly $ 2 higher than where it was […]

US Dollar Soaring With Gold Eagles, What Does it Mean?

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Wait for 2018 Eagles or get Maple Leaves now

Not long ago, I wrote that the Mint should be offering 2018 silver American Eagle bullion coins to buyers as soon as the calendar page turns to January. Why? Well, demand for the coin is becoming a one-month wonder, and the Mint needs to squeeze as much out of it as possible. Nearly 30 percent […]

Get those 2018 silver Eagles out fast

When buyers want to buy, no retailer wants to turn them away. But that is what has been going on with silver American Eagles in recent years when New Year’s rolls around. I will be at the Florida United Numismatists convention Jan. 4-7, 2018, in Tampa. One thing I would like to do there that […]

When will silver and gold Eagles fly again?

I jumped the gun eight days ago when I proclaimed bad silver American Eagle sales. They were bad. They stayed bad. I wanted to mention it first. Others waited for the calendar to say October has arrived. The financial press proclaimed the worst quarterly silver Eagle sales in 10 years yesterday. Pointed out in these […]

Market giving up on silver American Eagles?

Is the glass half full or half empty? How many times have you seen that question? It is always asked because there are many times when it sums up the situation. Take sales of silver bullion American Eagles. They closed out July at 2,320,000. This is a relative whisker away from equaling the 2,455,000 sold […]

Eagles gain more altitude in July

Silver American Eagle bullion coin sales are showing more signs of life in July. Weak demand has been a hallmark of 2017. July results could be construed as a turning point – but we have to wait for the follow-through to know for sure. So far this month, the Mint’s Authorized Purchasers – the only […]

Silver Eagles starting to take wing

While pundits are complaining about a recent flash silver crash, buyers of silver American Eagle bullion coins seem to be using lower prices to stock up. Once again silver is trading this morning below $ 16 an ounce, according to the Kitco website. The $ 15.90 current price is below where the precious metal began […]

CoinWeek News Wire for July 7, 2017: Hamilton, Silver Eagles, Metal Detecting…

By Coinweek ….   CoinWeek News Wire for June 30, 2017: Hamilton, Silver Eagles, Metal Detecting… Brain Food 1.) What Happened When Hamilton Lost the Mint When Hamilton first began studying and reporting on the need for a mint, he and Jefferson were still civil, if not close friends. Politics and rivalry soon divided them, which […]

May revival for silver Eagles

The midpoint of the month was reached just a few days ago. I took a look at the sales figure for silver American Eagles. They stood at 1,560,000. That is almost double the 835,000 pieces sold in the entire month of April. It is not out of line to think that if sales maintain the […]

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Langbord-Switt 1933 Double Eagles Case

By CoinWeek News Staff ….   It may have been Neil Gorsuch’s first day on the bench, but the real news Monday, April 17 (at least for coin collectors) is that the United States Supreme Court declined to hear the Langbord family’s appeal as they attempted to recover 10 1933 double eagle $ 20 gold […]

New way to collect silver Eagles arrives

The Holy Grail of Lincoln cent collectors was to find a 1909-S VDB in change. The circulation finds generation had the 484,000 mintage memorized. But what if the 484,000 1909-S VDB coins did not have the “S” mintmark on them? What if the only way to know that a cent was produced in San Francisco and […]

Who is buying the proof gold Eagles?

Are coins a luxury good, or are they for everyone? That’s a question that has been asked repeatedly in the half century I have been a collector. Collectors putting Lincoln cents in their Whitman albums have been shoulder to shoulder with bidders on 1804 silver dollars. The answer to the question is that coins are […]

Don’t pay too much for proof Eagles

There is a seasonal pattern to pricing for proof gold and silver American Eagle coins. Collectors should be aware of it and avoid paying higher prices not related to the prices of gold and silver. What causes this is the April 15 filing deadline for income tax forms to the federal government. Many persons, and […]