Bullion Eagle sales repeating 2017 pattern?

Yesterday I thought for a moment that gold was going to dip right back to the point it started the year. This morning, the Kitco price quote was $ 1,320 when I checked. This is still slightly higher than the $ 1,306.30 close in 2017. Gold’s gain for the year is $ 13.70. Don’t spend […]

Gold and silver Eagle buyers level-headed

Bullion coin sales have begun at the U.S. Mint. Are sales hot, cold or tepid? You be the judge. For the gold American Eagles, the one-ounce coin shows 20,500 coins sold. Last year, the figure for the entire month was 86,500. Will the one-ounce gold match the 2017 number by the time the month ends […]

Mint starts 2018 with proof silver Eagle

The first collector coin that the U.S. Mint will put on sale in 2018 is the proof silver American Eagle. It becomes available on the website Jan. 4. This is a good indication of how relatively popular the coin is among collectors and other potential coin buyers. We are still waiting for word on when […]

What’s your theory for Eagle sales drop?

Word on the bourse floor while I was in China was that Panda bullion coin sales were down. The drop in sales is on par with what has been happening with American Eagles in the United States. In the United States, silver Eagle numbers just get grimmer and grimmer with less time to catch up. […]

Worst silver Eagle sales year since 2008?

Will 2017 turn out to be the worst year for silver American Eagle sales since 2008? It’s a distinct possibility. I am jumping the gun by writing this with a week left in the month of September. But the broad outlines are clear enough already. So far this year, the United States Mint has sold […]

Palladium Eagle ready for landing Sept. 25

I don’t think I would recognize palladium if it hit me on the head. Would you? We’ll all get to find out starting Sept. 25. The United States Mint on that date will begin selling palladium American Eagle bullion coins to its Authorized Purchasers. No mintage figure has been revealed. But the Mint insists that once […]

Usual silver Eagle buyers short of cash?

Cash flow is the name of the game in business. Numismatics is a huge business. One very large niche is the bullion business. Are potential bullion buyers short of money? You have to wonder looking at the sales of the usually popular American Eagle gold and silver bullion coins. Here we are a day shy […]

No proof platinum Eagle sellout

The 2017-W platinum American Eagle did not sell out on the first day, July 6. Or the second day. Or the third day. In fact, it is still available if you want it for $ 1,300. A bit pricey? Yeah. There was some talk of a first-day sellout. Mintage was fixed at 10,000. I had […]

Smart silver Eagle buyers, not so smart Mint?

Congratulations are once again in order to all those silver American Eagle bullion coin buyers who stopped or reduced their purchases this year. Silver bullion is trading today below where it ended 2016. When I checked the Kitco website, it was $ 15.91 a troy ounce. It closed last year at $ 15.936. Add the […]

Mint looks for loyal silver Eagle buyers

The 2017-W uncirculated silver American Eagle goes on sale at noon Eastern Daylight Time today. Price is $ 44.95. There is no order limit. There is no mintage limit. Are you a loyal Eagle buyer? Will you jump at the chance to purchase this specially made collector product? Sales of the 2017-W proof silver Eagle […]

U.S. Mint Continues to Surprise with 2017-S American Silver Eagle in New Congratulations Set

By CoinWeek News Staff …… Earlier in the week, PCGS tipped off CoinWeek regarding the U.S. Mint’s latest surprise release – the 2017-S American Silver Eagle Proof Coin, available in the upcoming 2017 Congratulations Set, available April 4. A Mint press release later confirmed the information we received Monday. While this is not the first time […]

Proof silver Eagle flutters along

Core buyers of the United States Mint’s proof silver American Eagles seem to be deserting the program. This is one conclusion that can be drawn from first day sales number for the 2017 coin. Buyers took up 226,173 silver proofs in the first 24 hours. This compares to last year’s first day total of 262,816. Last year’s coin […]

Price of silver Eagle tells whole story

What’s it worth is probably the most frequently asked question in numismatics. I’ll bet it even leads “What is it?” Most people think a coin that is the same as another coin should be of equal value. This morning’s exercise proves it in one case. Let’s say you are interested in the 2016 uncirculated collector […]