Cryptocurrency Downturn: A Tough December All Around

The cryptocurrency market is taking a tumble again today, marking another crypto downturn for what has been a tough December. BTC has fallen another 11% in the last 24 hours. It had previously fallen 8% only one week ago today. At the time of writing, the world’s largest coin is selling for $ 3,287 USD. […]

Bitcoin Rally: Cryptocurrency Makes a Comeback After Major Slump

Many in the financial world this week were claiming Bitcoin was “dead” after it hit its 2018 record lows this week. What they didn’t predict was a Bitcoin rally. On Sunday, the world’s first digital currency hit just above $ 3,600 a coin, which is the coin’s record-low this year. Bitcoin hadn’t seen below $ […]

Coinbase CTO Believes Home Cryptocurrency Mining is the Future with Coinmine

Coinbase’s CTO, Balaji Srinivasan, has just announced his thoughts of the future of home cryptocurrency mining. Bitcoin mining and crypto mining in general are a huge industry, which exploded last year when digital currency interest hit mainstream. A new startup is trying to take another stab at popularizing at-home cryptocurrency mining, a business model that […]

A Guide to Understanding Cryptocurrency White Papers

Anyone looking to invest in bitcoin or any other form of cryptocurrency has surely spent some time researching and reading about it. Entering the crypto world without any knowledge would be a crazy and reckless thing to do, especially if you are planning to invest money into it. While blogs, forums, and the many available […]

World Crypto Con: Vesa Kivinen Expresses Cryptocurrency through Live Art

Welcome to the World Crypto Con Spotlight series. Today’s guest: Vesa Kivinen. World Crypto Con World Crypto Con (WCC) is a platform for industry leaders to share their knowledge of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, as well as introduce their projects to the world. WCC welcomes both experts and novices to attend; there’s something for […]

Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchanges Can Now Police Themselves

Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges have been given full license to create their own regulations. So what’s going on? Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchanges Earlier today, the country’s financial regulator, the Financial Services Agency (FSA), granted the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA) a self-regulatory status. The JVCEA is made up of 16 licensed and domestic crypto exchanges. Its members are Bitflyer, Money […]

FXOpen AU Launches Cryptocurrency Trading

Perth, Australia – October 2018. Responding to the wishes of their traders and following the latest trends, FXOpen AU Forex broker launches cryptocurrency accounts that allow users to trade 15 cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, NEO, EOS and other cryptocurrencies) as CFDs direct from FXOpen accounts. To start trading in the Cryptocurrency market with […]

Bithumb Sells $350 Million Stake in Its Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bithumb, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea by its daily trade volume, has sold more than 38 percent of its ownership to a blockchain consortium in Singapore, Coindesk Korea reported this morning. The stake was sold for 400 billion won, or $ 350 million USD. Stake Sold Bithumb signed the deal on […]

Cryptocurrency Sell-Off: Bitcoin (BTC) Plummets and Market Follows Suit

The cryptocurrency market took a huge hit nearly 12 hours ago when Bitcoin (BTC) abruptly dropped over $ 200 in value within minutes. After BTC dropped, a widespread cryptocurrency sell-off took place and hasn’t slowed down since. Cryptocurrency Sell-Off According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin (BTC) is currently trading at $ 6,264.43 a coin, down -4.63%. Most […]

Binance Listing Fees: Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange Will Donate All Fees to Charity

Binance, the top cryptocurrency trading platform by its daily trade volume, just made a big announcement regarding its Binance listing fees. .@cz_binance on solving The #LastMile Issue, ensuring transparency in #charity, and calling developers to help design @BinanceBCF's new donation tracking platform. — Binance (@binance) October 9, 2018 Binance Listing Fees Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s Founder, […]

Announcing the Cryptocurrency Security Guide from BitIRA

There’s no doubt that Americans are showing more and more interest in cryptocurrency. A recent survey from LendEDU found that Bitcoin ownership in the U.S. is just below 14%, with over 17% interested in adding it to their portfolio in the future. One of the biggest barriers for investors to enter cryptocurrency investing is security. […]

Malta Prime Minister: Cryptocurrency is the “Inevitable Future of Money”

According to the Maltese Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, cryptocurrency is the “inevitable future of money.” The country has never shied away from embracing crypto and its underlining technology—the blockchain. According to the Prime Minister, it is this technology which allows the future of money to be more transparent. The Inevitable Future of Money Muscat believes […]

Google Cryptocurrency Ad Ban Ends for Crypto Exchanges in the US and Japan

Big news has just been announced regarding the Google cryptocurrency ad ban. CNBC reported this morning that Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is lifting its ban on some cryptocurrency-related advertising and plans to allow regulated cryptocurrency exchanges to buy Google ad space in the US and Japan. This new policy will start October 1st, 2018. Google Cryptocurrency Ad […]

Japan’s SBI Holdings to Use its Own “S coin” Cryptocurrency for Retail Purchases

Japan’s SBI Holdings just announced that it is testing a cryptocurrency to be used for retail purchases. SBI published the news via a press release on its website this morning. SBI Holdings’ “S Coin” The news showcases SBI’s test for blockchain’s possibilities within the company. The “S coin” used will be a settlement coin that […]

Cryptocurrency Regulation – the Vital Ingredient in Helping Cryptocurrencies Grow

We’ve all heard the saying that “ignorance is bliss” at some point in our lives, but this term most certainly does not apply to the financial world. In the financial sphere, ignorance is risk, not bliss. It’s for this very reason that traditional financial markets are regulated. The US markets are more than happy to […]

Will Bitcoin Become the New Gold for Cryptocurrency Age?

Bitcoin Looks Poised to Dethrone Gold Globally It may seem absurd to compare Bitcoin and gold, but the truth is that there are several common talking points between them. Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency on the market today with an outlook. In fact, many individuals tend to believe that Bitcoin can become the gold […]

Cryptocurrency in India: Supreme Court to Hear Final Petitions Against the RBI Bitcoin Ban

Cryptocurrency in India is becoming a hot topic thanks to the upcoming crypto hearings in the country. India’s Supreme Court is set to listen to the final round of petitions against the country’s Bitcoin ban. The ban was put in place by the country’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The hearing is […]

Cryptocurrency Trading to Increase 50 Percent in 2019

While uncertainty still largely circles the cryptocurrency sector, its overall trading volume is projected to significantly increase in 2019, a new report by Satis Group shows. The study, called Crypto Asset Market Coverage Initiation: Trading & Custody, highlights that cryptocurrency trading volume will climb 50 percent next year and will continue to grow at a […]

Nasdaq to Acquire Cinnober: Is the Stock-Exchange Preparing for Cryptocurrency?

Nasdaq announced Friday that it is in the midst of acquiring Swedish trading solutions provider Cinnober. So why is it important for crypto-enthusiasts that Nasdaq acquiring Cinnober might happen? Well, Nasdaq is Nasdaq—the second-largest stock exchange in the world, but Cinnober is known for its acceptance of digital assets and its involvement in helping institutions […]

Goldman Sachs Confirms that It is NOT Focusing on a Cryptocurrency Trading Desk

Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) has finally clarified that a cryptocurrency trading desk is not in its plans for the foreseeable future. Some investors must feel downtrodden about this news. Let’s find out what’s going on. Cryptocurrency Trading Desk? The Goldman Sachs Rumor Mill The rumor mill has been churning for some months now; it was believed […]

Iran Crypto: The Iranian Government Finally Recognizes Cryptocurrency

Iran’s Supreme Cyberspace Council Secretary, Abolhassan Firoozabadi, just revealed that various entities within the country’s government have accepted cryptocurrency mining as an industry. The local news agency IBENA reported the Iran crypto news just this morning. According to this report, Firoozabadi stressed that the mining of crypto has been approved, but a legal framework for the […]

Hollywood’s Steve Stanulis Finds Inspiration with Cryptocurrency

Steve Stanulis, a decorated retired New York City police officer and award-winning Hollywood actor/director, has recently taken to cryptocurrency and has used it to help inspire one of his upcoming films entitled ‘Red Money.’ We sat down with Steve to learn more about his thoughts on crypto, his upcoming films, and if he thinks the […]

China Banning Cryptocurrency Events – Further Bans Expected

Why is China banning cryptocurrency events? The country has put in place a ban on venues hosting all events related cryptocurrency in the Chaoyang district of Beijing. China Banning Cryptocurrency Events; What’s Going On? The report comes from the local news outlet, The Paper, which states that all public spaces have been prohibited from hosting cryptocurrency-related […]

Should We Regulate Cryptocurrency Mining?

Regulating cryptocurrencies has been a hot topic for years now. While some believe regulation would be hypocritical to an ethos whereby users govern their own network and money, is there anything to be said for regulating aspects of cryptocurrency…say a cryptocurrency mining regulation for example? Cryptocurrency Mining Regulation – Here’s Why It’s Important No matter […]

Going Beyond the Cryptocurrency Hype with Blockchain

Bitcoin has been on a roller coaster ride in its price, its value reached as high as $ 20,000 in late 2017 to as low as $ 6,000 within a time frame of just six months. The highly volatile nature of Bitcoin is certainly a blotch on its reputation and certainly this could be why […]

Crypto Daily News: Barclays Denies Cryptocurrency Projects and Ethereum Classic (ETC) Launching on Coinbase Pro

In today’s edition of Crypto Daily News, we’ll cover Barclays’ denial of any form of cryptocurrency projects, the number of Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs currently distributed around the world, and Ethereum Classic’s status on Coinbase Pro. Crypto Daily News: August 7th, 2018 Barclays’ Crypto Denial Large UK-based bank Barclays has just denied that it is working […]

What You Need to Learn When Getting Involved in Cryptocurrency

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P2P Cryptocurrency Marketplaces Draw Huge Interest From Bitcoin Traders

FN Media Group Presents Market Commentary Bitcoin prices continue to rise after gaining nearly 15%, or $ 970 million, over a two week period. Publicly traded cryptocurrency companies are once again in the spotlight with interest in the sector renewed after the lengthy selloff that followed the all-time highs achieved throughout Q4 2017. These […]

AXS Blockchain Solutions Inc. Signs Letter of Intent to Develop ZUBX P2P Cryptocurrency Marketplace Platform

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AXS Blockchain Solutions Inc. (“AXS Blockchain”) (CSE:BAXS) (FRA: C0B)is pleased to announce that it has entered into a letter of intent with Blockchain Foundry Inc. (CSE: BCFN) to create ZUBXTM, the world’s first Syscoin blockchain based peer-to-peer marketplace. ZUBXTM will allow traders to place sell orders […]

BlackRock News Gives Bitcoin (BTC) and Cryptocurrency Market a Boost

BlackRock exploring crypto: The CEO of the world’s largest exchange-traded fund (ETF) provider, BlackRock, just announced that his company has assembled a group to look into cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC). BlackRock Exploring Crypto Larry Fink told Reuters that he does not see “massive investor demand” currently, but his company will continue to look into […]