What Factors Can Make a Cryptocurrency Crash?

Cryptocurrencies are notorious for being volatile, and the fact that their prices fluctuate wildly is really quite normal. However, what is not so normal is when the price suddenly plummets and wipes out a huge amount of value. That is what is known as a crash, and it is one of the things that people […]

Chinese Cryptocurrency is Not Coming Anytime Soon, Says Reports

Ever since Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies became far more mainstream following the remarkable rally in 2017, there has been a lot of talk about large institutions getting into this space. For instance, banking giant JP Morgan came up with its own digital coin last year. However, in 2019, a bigger piece of news came to […]

Alibaba and Tencent all Set to Get First Chinese Government Cryptocurrency

Ever since cryptocurrencies first captured the global consciousness a few years ago, several institutions from around the world have expressed their willingness to issue crypto tokens of their own and the most recent one is the Chinese central bank. A few weeks ago, it emerged that People’s Bank of China was all set to issue […]

Telegram’s 300 Million Users May Be Able to Trade Cryptocurrency

Crypto bull runs often result in developments that often seem a bit farfetched, but at the end of the day, almost everyone wants to cash in on the phenomenon. It happened in 2017, and it is happening once against in 2019 as Bitcoin led the massive crypto surge in the first half of the year. […]

Cryptocurrency Exchange Deribit Launches Bulk Derivatives Trading

Ever since cryptocurrencies became one of the world’s best known digital assets, there has been widespread talk about creating derivatives backed by the leading ones. However, it never really came about due to regulatory issues and lack of popular demand. The climate has changed significantly over the past year or so and slowly but steadily, […]

China to Release Its Own Cryptocurrency Soon: Future Consequences

Cryptocurrency may have been completely unknown for most people around half a decade ago, and most of the banks in the world did not even take it seriously. However, things have changed dramatically over the past few years, and many banks are now considering the possibility of launching their own digital currencies. Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) announced its […]

China Appears to Soften Its Stance Regarding Cryptocurrency

In an unexpected move, a major Chinese state bank has posted what appears to be a positive infographic on its website detailing the history of Bitcoin and some basic cryptocurrency concepts. The infographic notes the impressive gains that Bitcoin has benefitted from recently and appears to address the relevance of cryptocurrency in today’s world. Trading […]

Cryptocurrency Mining Legalized in Iran by the Economic Commission

After several weeks of speculation, the Economic Commission of Iran has finally approved cryptocurrency mining as an industry in the country. On July 22 the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture made an announcement approving crypto mining. The Commission indicated that the Iranian government was seeking ways of regulating the mechanism of crypto mining […]

China’s Cryptocurrency: A Response to Facebook’s Libra Coin?

In response to Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, Libra, China’s central bank is reportedly developing its own cryptocurrency. According to the South China Morning Post, Libra poses a threat to the country’s financial system, and this has spurred on the development of the bank’s own digital coin. China’s Cryptocurrency At an event at Peking University’s Institute of Digital […]

TiedCoin – Safe Haven amid a Cryptocurrency Storm

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The Growth of Cryptocurrency Investments in Singapore

Cryptocurrency is one of the major topics that analysts and investors have been talking about for the last few years. In the last 5–6 years, the rise of cryptocurrencies has been dramatic, with lots of ups and downs that even experts were not expecting. Singapore is one of the major nations outside the US that […]

Regulators Discuss Cryptocurrency Legislation Ahead of G20 Summit

The cryptocurrency regulation debate is expected to be at the center of the upcoming G20 summit where representatives from various countries will evaluate the new legal action course that has been proposed by the International Financial Action Task Force. The FATF is expected to release the proposals for new international standards governing cryptocurrency business on […]

Is Cryptocurrency the Future of Advertising? How Brave Wants to Use Data

Wouldn’t it be great if there were no ads bothering you while you surf the Web? Or if your data wasn’t everyone’s business? Companies use your data to personalize your experience and bring you more relevant ads and content. Yet, most people are not comfortable with their data being a commodity, and they also don’t […]

The Latest in Cryptocurrency Regulations and the G20 Summit

Cryptocurrency regulations seem to be gaining traction across the globe with the latest to call for regulation being the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors. The ministers and governors have asked the Financial Stability Board and the global standards-setting organizations to collaborate in the monitoring of cryptocurrency risks. Call For More Cryptocurrency Regulations In […]

Facebook Coin: Platform will Announce Cryptocurrency in June

According to CNBC, Facebook will announce its cryptocurrency later in June. Further, those working on the project will be able to take their salary in its new currency—the Facebook coin. Let’s check this out; here’s what we know. Facebook Coin: To Be Announced in Late June Rumors have surfaced for months now about Facebook’s new […]

China’s Cryptocurrency Rankings Crown EOS, As Entire Market In Green

EOS still maintains the top spot in China’s cryptocurrency rankings list. The superpower updated its list last week, proving that EOS is still the favorite. Bitcoin has climbed up three places and now sits in 12th position. Considering Bitcoin is up 10% to press time and approaching the $ 9k mark, its a wonder why […]

Is Facebook Launching its GlobalCoin Cryptocurrency Next Year? BBC Says Yes

There’s been a lot of information circulating that Facebook is moving into the crypto market. And while some of this information is outright false, other bits are true — at least, that’s what the sources say. Take today, for example. On Friday, BBC said Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is going to roll out GlobalCoin next year in […]

Is Facebook Launching its GlobalCoin Cryptocurrency Next Year? BBC Says Yes

There’s been a lot of information circulating that Facebook is moving into the crypto market. And while some of this information is outright false, other bits are true — at least, that’s what the sources say. Take today, for example. On Friday, BBC said Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is going to roll out GlobalCoin next year in […]

As cryptocurrency wallets become more popular, will cryptocurrencies replace traditional payments?

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Cryptocurrency Bear Market Wanes: Going through Accumulation

In recent weeks various industry observers have indicated that the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a bullish run.  The notion has received more support with a fresh report implying that the bear market is actually waning and it is in the accumulation phase. Heavy Accumulation According to a recently published report by Adamant Capital, Bitcoin is […]

Rakuten Launches Cryptocurrency Exchange for Customers

Rakuten has begun accepting applications for accounts for its anticipated cryptocurrency exchange called “Rakuten Wallet.” The company announced that pre-registration is available for customers with Rakuten Bank, but further details as to whether the service will be available for everyone has not yet been revealed. The company previously stated that the crypto exchange will commence […]

FBCoin: Facebook Set to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency Coin

In 2018, and early this year, Bitcoin experienced a bearish market that riled the interest of several parties and social media companies such as Facebook. As a result, Facebook has since entered the blockchain space with its own cryptocurrency known as FBCoin. FBCoin and WhatsApp Users “FBCoin” is an unofficial name for the crypto asset […]

How Cryptocurrency Traders Benefit from Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a critical infrastructure for the existence of cryptocurrency and arguably one of the reasons why cryptocurrencies exist. The two are different, but they are essentially part of the same system. Blockchain technology, therefore, affects traders directly but there are other ways that cryptocurrency traders benefit from the technology. It not only supports […]

Cryptocurrency Witnesses Better Returns than Equities This year

Good days may be ahead for cryptocurrencies. The sentiment of digital assets is improving slowly after witnessing a bear trend in 2018. The total cryptocurrency market cap has increased considerably by over $ 50 billion USD since the beginning of 2019. Many digital assets are outperforming the market when compared to the largest indices worldwide. […]

What Does the Bitmain IPO Abolition Mean for Cryptocurrency Industry?

Bitmain Technologies has abandoned its IPO enthusiasm after the company’s Hong Kong stock market proposal listing expired earlier this week, sparking debate on the future of the entire cryptocurrency market. The company did say that it plans to reapply at an appropriate time in the future, saying that “despite the huge potential of the cryptocurrency […]

Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings Places XRP, EOS, BTC, and BNB on Top

Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings released its March 2019 “Weiss Cryptocurrency Outlook” report, with Ripple (XRP), EOS, Bitcoin (BTC), and Binance Coin (BNB) receiving the top four spots on the list of 122 cryptocurrencies. Weiss Ratings is the world’s only financial rating agency that provides grades on cryptocurrencies. The report, which is called “Dark Shadows with a Bright […]

March 2019 Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis

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Thai Stock Exchange to Launch Cryptocurrency Platform Next Year

The Thai Stock Exchange (SET) is planning on rolling out a cryptocurrency platform sometime in 2020. According to SET’s official press release yesterday, the country is “ready for digital transformation.” Thai Stock Exchange Expands into Crypto SET President Pakorn Peetathawatchai said that the exchange’s three-year plan would focus on developing a “digital infrastructure platform.” The […]

The “Lost” QuadrigaCX Cryptocurrency Might Be on Exchanges After All

There has been quite the turn of events with the “lost” QuadrigaCX cryptocurrency case recently. The digital tokens may have just been found! The cryptocurrency exchange’s founder, Gerald Cotton, died in December 2018 from Crohn’s disease, allegedly taking $ 190 million in crypto with him. At the time, it was said that Cotton was the only individual […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Breaks into the Cryptocurrency Space

Less than 24 hours ago, Samsung Mobile announced the release of its next-generation Galaxy smartphone. The new Samsung Galaxy S10 is beautifully designed, and it includes a new feature that many crypto enthusiasts might appreciate. Meet the Next Generation Galaxy. #GalaxyS10Learn more: https://t.co/UstjA79jjF pic.twitter.com/hXOOfafTH1 — Samsung Mobile (@SamsungMobile) February 20, 2019 Samsung Galaxy S10 In […]