Draw visitors to coin collecting with a magnet

When I went to the Smithsonian Institution many years ago, the collection of U.S. coins was still on display. There were so many coins in so little space that it felt weird standing in a vast area not moving just so I could take in all the individual pieces. Last November, I was in a […]

Make coin collecting tax free?

Should the profits that go to coin collectors when they sell their collections be tax free? Should coin dealers be exempted from paying income tax? I ask these questions after I received a press release about U.S. Representative Alex Mooney, R-W.Va., introducing legislation called the Monetary Metals Tax Neutrality Act Sept. 7. Mooney is quoted […]

Coin collecting skills useful in bullion market

One of coin collectors’ necessary skills is the ability to tell scarce items from abundant ones. The scarce ones command high prices. There is no doubt that 1804 dollars or 1913 Liberty Head nickels are scarce, rare actually, and are worth millions of dollars. An MS-70 Morgan dollar is valuable because it is almost unknown. […]

Real coin collecting better than a movie

Need a top-graded Carson City Morgan dollar to finish your set? Here’s your chance. A $ 1.2 million Morgan silver dollar purchase made by Barry Stuppler makes it possible. The Woodland Hills, Calif., dealer has purchased 14 Carson City coins for that sum. The Number One finest-of-all-time set of circulation strike Carson City Morgan dollars […]