We can all be apostles of coin collecting

Wisconsin gets its time in the spotlight April 11. That date is when there will be a ceremonial launch of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore quarter. It has been 14 years since we had our turn during the state quarter program. Clifford Mishler, Numismatic News columnist, is already planning his drive north from Iola to […]

Collecting coins a great source of happiness

When you live in Wisconsin and it is too often 20 below zero in the winter, you have to find something to brag about besides the weather. I found it this morning thanks to the Daily Mail online. Wisconsin is on the top 10 list of happiest states to live in. Is that because so […]

Coin collecting meant freedom to me

The tragic assassination of President John F. Kennedy 54 years ago still evokes sadness. It also evokes many questions about how and why it happened. One thing is certain, it inspired the creation of the Kennedy half dollar. It is a coin that was authorized by Congress in record time. The legislation was signed into […]

Bold new coin collecting age in China

I am just back from China. I was in the country for five days to attend the Beijing International Coin Exposition. It was my first visit. I learned much. The differences between American coin conventions and the one in China are stark. Imagine how it would be if the United States Mint owned and organized […]

Coin collecting spreads its influence

If I said there are more coin collectors now than at any time in history, you would probably think I am crazy. There are few Young Numismatists, you would say. The primary cohort of collectors is aging and leaving the hobby, you would say. Prices are getting so high for certain United States Mint offers […]

Coin collecting the opposite of hoarding

I saw a CNBC story today that said Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is on his way to becoming the richest man in the world. His company is on its way to becoming worth $ 1 trillion. It doesn’t all belong to him, but a couple of hundred billion dollars can have a serious impact wherever […]

We’ve lost a giant in the coin collecting field

Leon Hendrickson died Sunday. He was 90 years old. But his attitude toward coin collecting was always one of youthful enthusiasm. In life some people are positive. Others are not. Leon was positive on steroids. I guess that is what you have to be to found a successful coin and bullion business like SilverTowne of […]

Mineral Specimen Collecting – Part 2 – Brazil

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Mineral Specimen Collecting: Silver and Gold

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Is collecting fun or profit more important?

This morning’s email once again provides a topic for my blog. Actually, two topics are covered. The email said: “I read your ‘If Avoiding Loss is goal, choose gold.” “I guess all the rolls of America the Beautiful quarters I have pounded the pavement to collect are going to be worth only face value after […]

Mineral Specimen Collecting: Silver and Gold

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First Spouse Coin Collecting Products End 2013

Four of the five coin collecting products that the United States will end 2013 with are those featuring former First Ladies. Normally these products would have been issued earlier in the year but they were delayed due to production problems that sharply pushed back releases of all 2013 First Spouse Gold Coins. Edith Wilson First […]

US Mint 2014 Coin Collecting Products

Collectors can now plan ahead for what coin collecting products they want to buy in 2014 from the United States Mint. Earlier this month the US Mint listed nearly all the coins and sets it will release for the year. Many of them also have prices. Kicking off the year on January 2, 2014 is […]

Sales Ending for Some 2012-2013 Coin Collecting Products

Less than a half day remains until some of the coin collecting products from the United States Mint permanently go off sale, making way for 2014 coins and products. At Noon ET today, December 31, 2013, all 2013 commemorative coins and products with them will no longer be sold since the law authorizing the coins […]