Most collectors buy coins from the Mint

Do you buy coins and sets from the U.S. Mint? Most collectors have done so over the years. There are those who limit or have reduced the number of their purchases. There are those who pounce only on offers that they think will sell out fast so they can flip them on eBay. There are […]

Is the end of coins hidden in plain sight?

The end of coins has been a topic collectors have talked about for many years. We still have coins. End of discussion? Not quite. How would the end of coins arrive in our society? Would we recognize it if we were in the middle of it? Most of us probably think the end of coins […]

Role model could give coins a boost

Do coin collectors need role models to become permanently committed to the hobby? Sometimes I think yes. Other times I think no. It is the yes answer that wins my mind today. I am sorry to see Kareem Abdul-Jabbar leave the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. Cited as reason in a Mint statement: Abdul-Jabbar has increasing […]

Pizza parties don’t go with coins, do they?

Joseph P. Kennedy knew it was time to get out of the stock market before the 1929 crash when shoeshine boys were offering stock tips. What is the 21st century equivalent? The contents of my email this morning perhaps are the answer. One email invites me to a cryptocurrency pizza party in central London. I […]

American victory celebrated by coins

When I was a kid, my Holy Grail was a 1909-S VDB cent. Mintage was 484,000. Only 484,000, I thought. That’s rare. I wasn’t alone. Most coin collectors felt the same way. How about two coins with mintages of just 500 each? What do you think about that? Rosland Capital offers a gold and a […]

Canada gets the milk spots off coins

Have you ever discovered unsightly white spots on one of your uncirculated or proof silver coins? I have. They detract from eye appeal. They detract from value. The Royal Canadian Mint has developed a new way to fight them. Announced this morning is a process called MINTSHIELDTM. It will be applied to all 2018 silver […]

Collecting coins a great source of happiness

When you live in Wisconsin and it is too often 20 below zero in the winter, you have to find something to brag about besides the weather. I found it this morning thanks to the Daily Mail online. Wisconsin is on the top 10 list of happiest states to live in. Is that because so […]

Age of bullion coins might be passing

A bullion coin is supposed to be widely recognized as a specific amount of precious metal. This makes it instantly acceptable to potential buyers and therefore convenient to use. For anyone it is much less bother than being presented with a coin that you do not recognize and are unaware of weight and silver purity. […]

Bitcoin Crash Sees Flight To Physical Gold Coins and Bars

Article posted at The Market Oracle The Market Oracle – Financial Markets Analysis and Forecasts – CLICK TO READ ARTICLE

Tell me when you spot 2018 coins

Have you found a 2018-dated coin yet? Usually the first coin spotted in circulation is a cent because so many are manufactured each year. But times could be changing. I had a theory throughout my 40-year career that coins appeared earlier in the year during times of prosperity and later in recession years. It held […]

Rare coins worth billions in 2017

The market for U.S. collectible coins shrank in calendar year 2017, according to a market survey conducted by the Professional Numismatists Guild. Results are the basis for a PNG estimate that the U.S. rare coin market was $ 3.4 billion to $ 3.8 billion. That is a huge market. However, it is down from the […]

Buy some silver coins your family can play with

It is not quite the night before Christmas, but if you want to buy something, you are running out of time even for overnight delivery. I was comparing two silver offerings on the APMEX website this morning. If you are attracted to the precious metal, which would you buy? The 2017 silver American Eagles are […]

Buy collector coins before it is too late

The holiday season is here. Family traditions come to the fore. Even numismatic “family” traditions occur. The end of the year means the Mint is reaching the conclusion of the sales period for various coins. Supplies begin to run out. When that happens, I get complaints. The first coin to disappear is the uncirculated Boys […]

Buy coins without guilt by budgeting

When I was a kid, I could spend every dollar I earned on coins if I chose to do so. I have never known such freedom since. Life tends to push more and more responsibilities on you. Choices suddenly must be weighed carefully. What else must be paid for? How might a coin purchase affect […]

Celebrate Dow 23,000 by buying coins

Who will make the popcorn? Sit back. Relax. Let’s watch the current greatest show on earth: the American stock markets. They are going relentlessly higher. We might say they are partying like it was 1999. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has broken through 23,000. Wow. I can remember back in the broken year of 1974 […]

Not yet time to throw coins away

What is the future of coins? Will we soon be without them? An impatient reader reverses the questions to ask why we still make so many? Consider a recent email sent to me by Dom Cicio. “Just read your article August ‘Mint production down’ (NN Oct. 13, 2017). You state the average monthly U.S. Mint […]

Kagin’s Auction to offer gold coins to Hobo nickels

We collectors are living in an age of gold. This week’s numismatic chapter regarding the precious metal will be written by a Sept. 15 auction to be conducted by Kagin’s Auction. The sale will be called in conjunction with the Santa Clara, Calif., Coin Expo as well as online. Check out the lots. I did. You won’t […]

CoinWeek News Wire for September 1, 2017: Fake Gold, Fake Coins, and Fort Knox

By Coinweek …. CoinWeek News Wire for September 1, 2017:  Brain Food 1.) Scrooge McDuck and Switzerland For almost 400 years, kreuzers were probably the most important small coins being circulated every day in Switzerland. It was not only a method of payment, but was also used to measure the value of other coins. Kreuzers […]

CoinWeek News Wire for August 25, 2017: Coins, Guns, and Fort Knox

By Coinweek ….   CoinWeek News Wire for August 25, 2017:  Under the Radar 1.) King Rama IX commemorative coins unveiled A portrait of the late monarch in court regalia appears on one side of the coins along with his name in Thai. On the reverse are a depiction of the crematorium being erected at […]

Coins, Guns, and Fort Knox

Under the Radar 1.) King Rama IX commemorative coins unveiled A portrait of the late monarch in court regalia appears on one side of the coins along with his name in Thai. On the reverse are a depiction of the crematorium being erected at Sanam Luang, the Royal Cypher of King Rama IX, and the inscription in Thai, […]

Time to look again at favorite coins

I had a conversation the other day with a friend who has come back to coins after a long period between childhood and middle age. He is having the time of his life. He told me all about having purchased a 1909-S VDB cent. What a hobby milestone that is. I can appreciate it. It […]

North Carolina Joins 35 Other States with Sales Tax Exemption on Coins

By Industry Council for Tangible Assets …..   On Tuesday, July 25, 2017, North Carolina governor Roy Cooper signed into law House Bill 434: Coins/Currency/Bullion Sales Tax Exemption. The law is a complete sales-and-use tax exemption on coins, currency, and precious-metals bullion sales. “The bill’s author, Representative Dana Bumgardner, coauthors Representative Jeff Collins, Representative Mark […]

Texas Man Arrested for Fraud Involving Rare Coins

Worked for different coin companies in Beaumont over a period of five years By CoinWeek News Staff ….   Last Wednesday on July 12, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Texas announced that 42-year-old Wesley Judy Pollard, Jr. of Beaumont had been arrested earlier that day on allegations of federal mail […]

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CoinWeek News Wire for June 23, 2017: Gold Coins, Bitcoin, Crime Alert…

By Coinweek ….   CoinWeek News Wire for June 23, 2017 Brain Food 1.) Does Japan’s five-yen coin need a foreigner-friendly redesign? The five-yen coin is the only denomination without its value written in numerals. The only indication of its worth is in the kanji characters 五円, which mean “five yen,” and so foreign visitors […]

Coins and silver top my list of interests

A reader survey popped up on a website I was checking this morning. It asked detailed questions about what I was interested in. I imagine you have answered similar surveys. I expressed great interest in coins and precious metals. For other topics, I expressed much less interest. It occurred to me that my answers are hugely changeable. […]

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Worn coins definitely still worth a look

Just about the time you convince yourself that the only worthwhile coins in numismatics grade 60 or higher on the 70-point scale, a story like this comes along. Numismatic Guaranty Corporation has closely examined an About Good-3 quarter and made a discovery. That’s right, an AG-3 quarter. It is dated 1822. It exhibits a previously […]