The Cleantech Revolution Fuels Market Demand for Rare Earth Metals

The market demand for rare earth metals is seeing a huge boost. By most accounts, the green technology revolution is imminent and will be massive. We’re already seeing the early days of a shift away from fossil fuels and towards renewables with the rise of electric and hybrid vehicles and wind turbines increasingly popping up […]

5 Top Cleantech News Stories of 2018

2018 was another busy year for the cleantech sector, and as countries around the world look to move toward greener technology interest should remain strong heading into the new year. Over the last year, the Investing News Network has had the opportunity to cover cleantech news stories on a wide range of topics, including nuclear […]

Top Cleantech Stocks of 2018 on the NASDAQ

In Canada and the US, cleantech faced political headwinds in 2018. In Ontario, Premier Doug Ford discarded more than 700 renewable energy contracts, a huge blow to the industry. In the US, President Donald Trump proposed to scrap the Climate Power Plan in favor of the Affordable Clean Energy Rule — not good news for cleantech […]

Cleantech Outlook 2019: “Important Year” Ahead

While 2018 was a challenge for cleantech with political headwinds in the US and Canada, 2019 is poised to redefine the Canadian sector thanks to upcoming provincial and federal elections. In Canada, one of the key news stories that dominated the cleantech sector in 2018 was the Ontario election and the subsequent actions of the […]

Cleantech Trends 2018: Wind and EVs in Focus

With 2018 coming to a close, the Investing News Network (INN) takes a look back at the cleantech sector — an industry that was thrown into the spotlight by politicians and one that promises to be a highlight in 2019 and beyond. In the US, the companies have been trying to find ways to offset […]