China’s Trade War Against America

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China’s Get the Gold Plan

Money Metals readers may remember my November 2014 report in which I discussed how gold flowed into China in “tributary fashion” like small streams flowing into a giant one. In this case, the gold has been streaming into China’s increasingly massive thousands-of-tons gold hoard. In January, 2015, I penned an essay titled “China’s Global Gold Supply […]

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Stock Market Euphoria, China’s Dumping of Treasuries Ignite Recession Concerns

Citing the uncertainty caused by China dumping U.S. Treasuries, an impending debt ceiling crisis, the upcoming French elections, and more, Wealth Research Group editor Lior Gantz advises investors to make sure their portfolios are diversified. Each of the last five major U.S. recessions were preceded by a shrinking global trade as a percentage of GDP. […]