Threat to cent’s future higher now

The stock market is booming. Bitcoin is soaring. Gold is merely up for the year, but up is better than down. Even silver is slightly positive this year. When the economy rocks on like this, defenders of the U.S. cent are most under threat. Why? When people generally are feeling better off, they often abandon […]

More cents raise questions but what are they?

This pair of images showing Lincoln cents was sent via email to editor Dave Harper. The word is getting out about the rare 1982-D small date copper and the 1983-D copper cent. Both should be known only in copper-coated zinc. But this year, Numismatic News has reported the find of one of each in the […]

Rare error cents worth looking for

I am getting numerous emails about cents lately. That is no surprise with the excitement surrounding the discovery of a 1982-D small date copper coin earlier this year. It is very valuable. It is also the only one – so far. That is why everyone should look at their cents. Where there is one, there […]

Two bronze 1943 cents in NGC group

Imagine being a Philadelphia Mint employee during World War II and walking away with two 1943 cents struck in bronze rather than the standard steel as well as two other wrong-planchet errors? Numismatic Guaranty Corporation has certified a group of coins that come from the family of Mint employee Albert Michael Pratt. These coins were […]

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Those 2009 cents still hard to find

I was surprised to receive a 2009-D Professional Life Lincoln cent in my change yesterday. Even eight years after the four special designs of that year began to be struck at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, I am startled when I see one. The simple fact is I hardly ever encounter one. Most collectors have had similar […]

Cents earn turn in the collector spotlight

Lincoln cents might not have much economic value anymore, but they sure do bring collectors together. Thanks to several stories published in Numismatic News since the beginning of the year, collectors are hot on the trail of 1983 copper cents. All cents struck in 1983 should have been made of zinc coated with copper. They […]

Those ‘P’ cents now turning up

Philadelphia Mint cents with the new “P” mintmark on them are beginning to spread their wings and fly to all corners of the country. I have wondered in a prior blog how long it would take for regular collector reports of sightings to commence. February seems to be the magic month for the 2017-P coins. […]