Get out of the way of silver Eagle buyers

Professionals have begun to forecast that prices are bottoming for gold and silver. That is a dangerous game to play. Nobody has an exemplary record of making this kind of market call. However, one thing I can add to the discussion is that buyers of silver American Eagle bullion coins are behaving as if they […]

Will buyers consider coin and stamp set valuable?

Breast Cancer Awareness proof clad half dollar sales stand at 16,615. Can the Mint sell an additional 25,000 of them if the 2018-S commemorative coin is paired with a stamp and the price is increased by $ 7 to $ 39.95? We will find out Oct. 1 when the 2018 Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative Coin […]

Can new buyers hold gold and silver for decades?

The headlines this morning include many that say Venezuela has devalued the bolivar. Five zeroes are being dropped from the printed currency. The loss of purchasing power is said to be 95 percent. I will bet that these headlines will inspire a few people to look into investing in gold and silver to protect their […]

First Time Buyers Need to ‘boost the affordability’ of Their Move Alone 

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