EOS Leads China’s Blockchain Rankings Once More

The third round of blockchain rankings has been released by the Chinese government. Yet again, China ranks EOS number one. The rankings, released by the government-backed China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID), evaluate the public blockchain networks with three different metrics. The metrics include technology, applicability, and innovation. Previous Leaders CCID released its first set […]

Immortal Player Characters: Blockchain Game Characters You Can Keep

What’s one of the worst things that can happen to a gamer? They build up a character—experience, inventory, what have you—and then the game stops being supported and they lose everything. Well, that may be a thing of the past from now on. Immortal Player Characters are game characters built on the blockchain—which means, they’re […]

Malta: The World’s First Blockchain Island

The European island of Malta, just below Italy and above Africa, is quickly becoming the world’s first blockchain powered island. For the past few months, there have been numerous reports of major blockchain companies and crypto exchanges setting up shop in Malta—but why, why a Malta blockchain island? Opportunity cost. Maltese Government The Government of Malta […]

Genesis’ Peter Gabriel Invests in Blockchain Startup: Calling All Stations

Musicians have the resources to finance the things they support. Ordinary people try but often fail to have the required funding—which is why we tend to see celebrities investing in crypto and blockchain startups. The latest headline involving a celebrity moving into blockchain is as follows: Peter Gabriel invests in blockchain startup. Peter Gabriel Invests […]

Mastercard Files Another Blockchain Patent

Mastercard files blockchain patent: Mastercard has filed another blockchain patent. According to a US Patent and Trademark Office, the company filed the patent July 17. The new patent is aimed at consumer protection and blockchain payment transactions.  The patent document outlines its main goal: to quicken merchant transactions that use cryptocurrencies. Currently, the length of time it […]

Crypto Daily News: EOS’s Block.one Gets Funding from PayPal and Bitmain Execs; Boeing Tests Blockchain

In today’s edition of Crypto Daily News, we will cover Block.one receiving funding from top execs at PayPal and Bitmain, IBM teaming up with Columbia to launch a Blockchain Research Center, and the airplane maker, Boeing, using blockchain technology. Crypto Daily News: June 17th, 2018 Block.one Gets Funding EOS developer Block.one has secured investments from […]

Blockchain Update: Q2 2018 in Review

Much like the first quarter of the year, Q2 2018 posed some challenges in the blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces. That being said, the growth the overarching industry has seen is second-to-none and is indicative that it is here to stay for the long run. In terms of the cryptocurrencies, bitcoin dipped to a 2018 low […]

Crypto Daily News: Charles Hoskinson Wins Crypto World Cup & American Express Explores Blockchain

In today’s edition of Crypto Daily News, we’ll cover the winner of the Crypto World Cup, BlackRock eyeing Bitcoin, and the details of American Express’s blockchain exploration. Charles Hoskinson/France Wins it All This Saturday, France duked it out against Croatia in the World Cup, and France won 4-2. Here at CryptoCurrencyNews.com, we held our own […]

“More Education is Always Good” – Crypto and Blockchain on 2019 CFA Exam

2019 CFA exam: “We saw the field advancing more quickly than other fields,” says Stephen Horan, the GE managing director at the CFA Insitute. “This is not a passing fad.” CFA Institute is one of the world’s most famous nonprofits, focusing on investment professionals specifically, and offering various certifications in the field, like the Investment Foundations Certificate. It […]

Toyota, Ford, and General Motors (GM) All Exploring Blockchain Technology

Automobile blockchain: Various companies around the world began jumping on the blockchain bonanza last year when cryptocurrency spread like a wildfire in the media and grew in popularity. Everyone tried to see how this new technology could benefit their current systems or even ride the blockchain ‘buzzword’ for a while. Long Island Iced Tea Inc, an […]

Walmart’s Blockchain Project to Solve Online Delivery Complications

Walmart blockchain: Delivery is one of the most challenging aspects of online retail and Walmart is determined to solve its delivery problems with blockchain. Back on July 5th, the big box retailer headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas was rewarded a blockchain patent that focuses on the scheduling and delivery of packages. The patent was originally filed […]

Big News Roundup: 360 Blockchain Announces Intent to Acquire Profitable ICORanker.com Website; Kontrol Energy to enter Cannabis market as a supplier of integrated energy solutions; HashChain Technology Announces Intent to Spin off NODE40, its Blockchain Technology Business into a Stand-Alone Public Company

In case you missed it, here is this week’s technology big news roundup: Blockchain: 360 Blockchain Announces Intent to Acquire Profitable ICORanker.com Website Kontrol Energy to enter Cannabis market as a supplier of integrated energy solutions HashChain Technology Announces Intent to Spin off NODE40, its Blockchain Technology Business into a Stand-Alone Public Company Cleantech: American Manganese […]

Facebook Appoints Director of Engineering Blockchain

Director of engineering blockchain: Facebook has appointed one of its senior engineers Evan Cheng as its first “director of engineering blockchain”.  The new position was confirmed by Facebook on Tuesday and signals the companies seriousness about the technology. Cheng has previously been responsible for heading up Programming Languages & Runtimes at Facebook. Prior to that, […]

The Future of Cannabis Patents Lies in Blockchain Technology

For consumers to have true product choices in the budding cannabis space, growers and breeders need to protect their intellectual property through a modernized system. As it stands, the patent application process is arduous and outdated, posing as a barrier to cannabis market entrants. From cannabis-laced lozenges to plant-breeding techniques and recipes for pot-infused beverages, […]

Malta: Parliament Approved Blockchain Regulatory Framework

Malta blockchain regulations: Last night, four bills surrounding the blockchain sector in Malta were approved by Parliament, according to Malta Today. Will Malta become the first blockchain island? Three of the bills approved were to help establish a regulatory framework for Malta’s emerging blockchain sector, and the other bill was to establish Infrastructure Malta. The […]

Switzerland’s First Trial Municipal Vote Using Blockchain is a Success!

Yesterday saw a successful day in Zug — Switzerland’s “Crypto Valley”, as the city completed its first trial municipal vote using blockchain. The success was first reported by the Swiss News Agency. Trial Municipal Vote Using Blockchain The vote was held using a trial digital ID system; city authorities used this system since 2017 to issue […]

3 Ways Blockchain Is Already Delivering Real-World Results

By Ben Beard Most people are familiar with blockchain technology in relation to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The two are inextricably linked in the minds of everyday people. It’s fair to say that the bitcoin market has flourished in recent years, with the price of bitcoin peaking at nearly US$ 20,000 in December 2017. However, […]