Bitcoin and Blockchain: Banks Must Embrace or “Bite the Dust”

With all the constant news about the price of Bitcoin, it’s possible to forget what it was invented for. Cryptocurrency trading plays only a small role in what Bitcoin and blockchain technology can do for our world. Most importantly, they can end the hegemony central banks have on the way we make payments to each […]

Getting poorer with Bitcoin

Is it time to boast yet? Actually, I wouldn’t boast, but it is time for an annual review of Bitcoin. You know Bitcoin. It is a cryptocurrency. It has no intrinsic value. There is no gold or silver behind it. It has no physical existence at all. Bitcoin doesn’t even take the form of a […]

Bitcoin Hits the Lowest Level of the Year Thus Far—Entire Market Down

Today is a bleak day for cryptocurrencies everywhere as Bitcoin hits the lowest level of the year thus far. Where Bitcoin goes, the rest of the market tends to follow, and indeed, the index shows us all the top-ten coins are experiencing double-digit losses. Bitcoin Hits Lowest Level of the Year Currently, Bitcoin is down […]

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork is Near: What You Should Know!

A Bitcoin Cash hard fork will happen on Thursday, November 15th. Bitcoin Cash is already a hard fork of Bitcoin and has since grown to become the fourth-largest cryptocurrency. Now the digital currency will split in two, creating a second cryptocurrency. The two digital currencies go by the names Bitcoin ABC, which is the continuation […]

One Direction More Likely for Bitcoin Price

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Square’s Bitcoin (BTC) Profits Jump $500,000 in Q3

US financial service company Square (NYSE:SQ) just announced that its Q3 Bitcoin (BTC) revenue jumped up from its previous earnings in Q2. Square detailed its full company earnings in a shareholder letter released yesterday. In the third quarter of 2018, we continued to drive strong growth at scale. $ SQ — Square IR (@SquareIR) […]

CBOE Bitcoin (BTC) Futures Reach Record-Low Volatility

Bitcoin (BTC) futures hit record low volatility in October on the US Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), MarketWatch reported yesterday. CBOE Bitcoin (BTC) Futures Kevin Davitt, a Senior instructor at CBOE Options Institute, published a video on November 1st outlining the volatility decline. In the video above, Davitt outlines that the average weekly volatility for […]

Exchange.Blue Launches the Long Awaited Link Between Perfect Money and Bitcoin

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies gain more popularity and usage across the world, the new Exchange.Blue online platform is now making it possible to exchange and trade Bitcoin for Perfect Money in a fast, secure, and easy process. [New York], [New York], November 6, 2018 – Exchange.Blue, an online exchange platform run by a team […]

Winklevoss Twins Sue Bitcoin Investor Charlie Shrem

The Winklevoss twins have filed a lawsuit against infamous BitInstant founder Charlie Shrem. They claim the Bitcoin investor stole 5,000 Bitcoins from them in 2012. Winklevoss Twins Lawsuit According to the New York Times, Shrem made several lavish purchases in 2018 that caught the attention of the Winklevoss twins. They filed a civil suit against […]

Bitcoin Turns 10! We’ve Had 10 Years of the Digital Currency

Today marks 10 years of Bitcoin; its original white paper was released onto the internet on Halloween day, 2008. What began as an idea to challenge the financial establishment, has since grown to become a $ 110 billion market. 10 Years of Bitcoin: The Whitepaper The purpose of Bitcoin was straightforward; the digital asset, as […]

Jamie Dimon Knocks Down Bitcoin (BTC), Again

JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JPM) CEO Jamie Dimon has always been tough when it comes to his stance on Bitcoin (BTC). Back in September of 2017, Dimon even went as far as calling it a “fraud.” He later retracted his statement and said that he was wrong for calling it a fraud but was still […]

Morgan Stanley Classes Bitcoin as an Asset

Global investment bank Morgan Stanley has given Bitcoin bulls something to cheers about. The institution has stated that it classes Bitcoin as an institutional investment class. (And the day after Bitcoin’s birthday… how thoughtful) What this means is that it recognizes Bitcoin as a type of asset similar to shares, property, bonds, cash, or commodities. […]

California Man Faces Up to Five Years for “Unlicensed” Bitcoin (BTC) Sales

A US citizen from California has just pled guilty in federal court for operating an “unlicensed money business” selling Bitcoin (BTC), called The Department of Justice (DoJ) released a press release about the case yesterday, October 29th. Unlicensed Bitcoin (BTC) Sales Jacob Burrell Campos has admitted to selling “hundreds of thousands” of dollars in Bitcoin […]

Bitcoin Drop: Bitcoin Loses $200 in 24-hours, Crypto Market Follows

The crypto market is suffering huge losses across the board today. And leading the drop-off is the largest coin by market cap; Bitcoin dropped from over $ 6,500 to a new two-week low of $ 6,243 in early trade today. The coin has lost over $ 200 in a 24-hour period, and as happens more […]

In Search of a Bearish Bitcoin Trigger

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Elon Musk Tweets About Bitcoin and People are Losing It

It all started with a tweet by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk. i🖤anime — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 22, 2018 I know, you’re probably wondering, “what does this have to do with Bitcoin?” Let me get to that. Elon Musk and Bitcoin After the anime tweet, a user asked the tech entrepreneur when two-factor authentication would […]

Bakkt Platform Announces Bitcoin Futures Launch Date!

The launch date for Bitcoin futures on the Bakkt platform has been announced. Bakkt is a platform for trading, storing, and spending digital assets, and was created earlier in 2018 by Intercontinental Exchange—the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Bitcoin Futures Launch Date According to a document released today, the launch date for trading […]

Bitcoin Trend Analysis 2018

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India’s Largest Bitcoin Exchange, Zebpay, Relocates to Malta

Zebpay, India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is heading for Malta! Following in the footsteps of major platforms Binance and OKEx, the exchange has had no choice but to move its operations to the ‘blockchain island’ amid strict regulations in India. Zebpay Moves to Malta The exchange shut down its operations in India last month, due to […]

Bitcoin Technical Analysis

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Small Bitcoin Fee: Only 10 Cents for $194 Million on the Bitcoin Network

According to sources, on October 16th, a Bitcoin user managed to transfer 29,999 BTC with a transaction fee of only $ 0.10. This amount of Bitcoin equates to $ 194 million, and a transaction of this magnitude would usually incur bank fees in the tens of thousands of dollars. With such a small Bitcoin fee […]

Bitcoin Price: BTC Skyrockets Nearly 10% and Pulls Rest of the Crypto Market Back into the Green

This morning, Bitcoin (BTC) rose almost 10% in less than an hour. After the Bitcoin price jump, investors began dumping money into the other digital assets, causing the market to widely shift green. Bitcoin Price Movement Last week, Bitcoin had its first major sell-off in months, but this morning it rose nearly $ 600 in […]

Bitcoin Breakdown May Push Prices Below $5000

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Cryptocurrency Sell-Off: Bitcoin (BTC) Plummets and Market Follows Suit

The cryptocurrency market took a huge hit nearly 12 hours ago when Bitcoin (BTC) abruptly dropped over $ 200 in value within minutes. After BTC dropped, a widespread cryptocurrency sell-off took place and hasn’t slowed down since. Cryptocurrency Sell-Off According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin (BTC) is currently trading at $ 6,264.43 a coin, down -4.63%. Most […]

How Restaurants Could Help Bitcoin Growth

Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized, digital money. The advantage of Bitcoin is that there is no central authority like a bank, company, or government issuing Bitcoin. Bitcoin might be intimidating to most restaurant owners because it’s not integrated with most POS systems. For retailers and POS companies, Bitcoin is a better alternative to credit […]

Bitcoin Time for More Action?

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Bitcoin (BTC) Interest and Trading Rising in Venezuela

Venezuela’s economic crisis continues to worsen, despite the president’s controversial attempts to revive his country. The demand for Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies continues to rise this year, as the country’s dollar, the bolivar, continues to drop. Venezuela has hit crisis mode extreme, but can BTC save them? Bitcoin Booming in Venezuela According to Coin […]

The Myth of Bitcoin Volatility

Bitcoin volatility is one of the most used arguments against the cryptocurrency, but stability in commodity prices is a myth. Thus, assuming that Bitcoin prices are not yet ready for public use because of price volatility is a weak criticism based on a false assumption that price stability is somehow a sign of an accepted, […]

Bitcoin Mining Firm Bitmain Just Filed for an IPO

Bitcoin mining firm Bitmain has just submitted its initial public offering (IPO) with the Stock Exchange in Hong Kong (HKEX). Bitmain is based in Beijing, China. So what’s going on with the Bitmain IPO? Bitmain IPO Bitmain’s long-awaited IPO is still in its draft form and pending further listing hearings from the HKEX. The announcement of […]

BCH Price Rally: Bitcoin Cash is Up Nearly 30% and is Still Going! What’s Going On?

Hold onto your hats folks! There is a BCH price rally happening right now! But why!? The coin has rallied almost 30% at the time of writing; according to, BCH is currently up 28.94%. Are we seeing a repeat of what Ripple (XRP) accomplished last week? BCH Price Rally: Is Bitmain the Cause? So […]