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Article posted at The Market Oracle The Market Oracle – Financial Markets Analysis and Forecasts – CLICK TO READ ARTICLE to Launch a Bitcoin Cash Supported Futures Contract

Cryptocurrency investor Roger Ver’s is in talks with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to launch a futures contract. David Shin, the company’s head of the exchange division, dropped the revelations regarding the prospect. The company is also working on different plans to enhance its interest in Bitcoin Cash together with the futures contract. Futures Contract to […]

Bitcoin Continues to Face Tough Hurdle on Trade War Concerns

One of the biggest events in the news cycle this year was the return of Bitcoin and the rally that went on in the first half of the year was quite remarkable. It helped in a surge of sorts in the wider crypto space as well, but many believed that the Bitcoin rally was going […]

Bitcoin Volatility Eases: Is This Good or Bad for Crypto Traders?

One of the most remarkable cryptocurrency rallies was witnessed back in 2017 when Bitcoin managed to hit a price of almost $ 20,000 per coin. 2018 proved to be a poor year as the price crashed, but in the first half of 2019, the biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization made a roaring comeback and scaled […]

Bitcoin Miners Turn Profitable: Good News for Cryptos?

One of the things that do not often come into the surface is the work done by Bitcoin miners when it comes to the overall cryptocurrency ecosystem. Miners are the ones who actually create the Bitcoin tokens and are given a reward for each completed block. Hence, when Bitcoin went through its downturn for the […]

Bakkt is All Set to Introduce Bitcoin Futures in September

Bakkt is all set to launch its much-awaited platform for Bitcoin futures. When cryptocurrency first grabbed the attention of the global public, it was still looked upon as a novelty and something far too chaotic to be regulated by the relevant authorities. However, much has changed over the past couple of years as a range […]

Bitcoin Could Fall Below $10,000 Mark As Altcoins Gain

Bitcoin’s value risks falling below the $ 10,000 USD psychological mark this week after making some strong gains last week. Bitcoin Dropped to $ 10,060 Today The world’s top cryptocurrency dropped to $ 10,060 this morning, which is the lowest valuation since September 2. Momentum last week saw BTC recover from falling below the $ 10,000 […]

Bitcoin Transaction Worth $1 Billion USD Moved to Single Wallet

Over $ 1 billion USD worth of Bitcoin was transferred to one wallet today in a major transaction, making it the fifth richest Bitcoin wallet in existence. The Richest Non-Exchange Address A group of large-scale Bitcoin owners, known as whales, moved 94,504 Bitcoins to an unknown wallet, which now becomes the richest non-exchange address, as well […]

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Payments with Bitcoin

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are now a given. Whether you want them to or not, they will be gaining popularity every year. Obviously, it’s best to start learning about Bitcoin now. Here’s your ultimate guide to getting payments with Bitcoin. Understand How Bitcoin Works The first thing you must do is understand what Bitcoin is and […]

Bitcoin Price Soars 7% as Bulls Find Support at Lower Levels

Over the course of the first half of the year, the cryptocurrency market enjoyed an amazing run, and much of it was driven by Bitcoin (BTC), which ended up with hefty gains at the end of each of those months. However, the months of July and August proved to be an extremely turbulent period for […]

Bitcoin Drops Below $10,000 USD in Sudden Swing

Bitcoin (BTC) price slides more than $ 600 in just 30 minutes on Wednesday to fall below $ 10,000 USD for the first time in over a month. The Catalyst Remains Unknown Bitcoin, which is up almost 200% this year, dropped more than 5% from just under $ 10,200 US to around $ 9,600 between […]

Slim Chance of Bitcoin (BTC) Hitting $20,000 USD By End of Year

There is only a 7% chance that Bitcoin will surpass the $ 20,000 USD valuation milestone by the end of 2019, according to data published by Skew. It’s been a pretty hectic year for BTC, which has seen its value swing from around the $ 3,800 USD mark at the beginning of the year to […]

Bitcoin Adjusted Dominance Soars: Bullish Sign for Times to Come?

Over the last couple of years, the crypto space has grown considerably, and nowadays there are around 2,500 cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin. However, BTC still remains the most valuable and the biggest cryptocurrency in the world in terms of market capitalization. That being said, it is also important to note that over the years, […]

2019 Review: Chainlink (LINK) Leads, Bitcoin Stands in 6th Position

After having been in the middle of a directionless muddle for much of 2018, Bitcoin came back with a vengeance this year and went on an excellent rally that took it back to heights that had last been scaled back in 2017. Bitcoin is the biggest cryptocurrency in the world by market cap and it […]

Bitcoin Slumps as Facebook’s Libra Continues to Get Heavy Criticism

Bitcoin is taking a hit this morning and fell over 8% to below $ 9,800. Here is the key driver. Tech giant Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) announced in June that it was going to launch its own cryptocurrency named Libra and ever since the announcement, the crypto market has been in a bit of turmoil. It attracted attention […]

Bitcoin Continues to Face Hurdles at Higher Level, Altcoins Follow

Bitcoin enjoyed one of the strongest runs since the latter part of 2017 during the first half of this year. During those first six months, the cryptocurrency gained in each of the six months of the year, but the momentum came to an end in July, and the indecisive performance has continued into August. The […]

Bitcoin Soars As Bakkt is All Set to Launch Bitcoin Futures in September

Since the infamous day of 2017, when Bitcoin went on its incredible run, there has been talk of the introduction of a financial exchange backed by the world’s biggest cryptocurrency. One of the instruments that have been spoken about by crypto experts for many years are crypto futures from Bakkt, but delay after delay stopped […]

Is Bitcoin (BTC) a Recession Proof Like Gold? Here’s What Experts Think

It is quite clear that the global economy is currently in the doldrums due to a wide range of factors, and investors all over the world are currently at crossroads with regards to finding the best ways to protect their capital. When such a thing happens, then investors look for assets that could either protect […]

Bitcoin Hovers Around 10K After the Recent Correction: What Next?

The first half of the year saw Bitcoin go on an incredible rally as the cryptocurrency ended up at higher levels at the end of each month and eventually threatened to replicate the bull run from 2017. However, the month of July brought its fair share of turbulence into the market, and it has been […]

Bitcoin Price Tumbles 6% on Economic Growth Uncertainty

Bitcoin (BTC) had an outstanding run during the first half of the year as it climbed to new highs at the end of each month, but the month of July and August have not been as kind to the world’s biggest cryptocurrency. A lot has gone on over the past month and a half that […]

Ethereum Underperforms Against Bitcoin: What Next for Altcoins?

As everyone knows, the price of Bitcoin has a profound effect on the entire crypto market, and as the price of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency rose steadily over the first half of 2019, the entire crypto market profited. However, since July, Bitcoin has definitely entered choppier waters, and now the momentum has gone out of its […]

SEC to Decide Later on Three Bitcoin ETF Proposals

Ever since Bitcoin had that incredible rally back in 2017, there has been a lot of talk among big-ticket investors to find a way to bring the cryptocurrency into the world of mainstream investing. It was around that time that the idea of Bitcoin-based exchange-traded funds (ETFs) was first floated. Ultimately, the Securities and Exchange […]

How Will a Higher Bitcoin Dominance Index Affect BTC Price?

Bitcoin (BTC) had an excellent run in the first half of 2019 and looked like it could regain the highs that it had reached back in 2017. However, the month of July proved to be a reality check as the price of the token oscillated around $ 10,000. August started off in much better fashion […]

Bitcoin Price Triggers Ahead

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Bitcoin Hash Rate Hits 80 Quintillion for the First Time

Bitcoin (BTC) surpassed another milestone on Thursday, August 8, as the world’s leading cryptocurrency’s hash rate hit 80 quintillion for the first time. This news comes during a good week for BTC, which saw the coin’s value top $ 12,000 USD twice in three days amid fears that a global recession is on the horizon. What […]

Bitcoin Breaks $12,000 Amid Global Recession Concerns

Bitcoin price broke $ 12,000 USD for the second time in three days on Wednesday as the notoriously volatile cryptocurrency develops a reputation among investors as a safe-haven currency amid concerns as the global economy heads towards recession. This takes BTC’s week-on-week gains to $ 2,000 USD. Following on from 2018’s cryptocurrency crash, BTC enjoyed […]

Bitcoin Bulls are Back: Why 2019’s Rally is Different Than 2017

July might have been a forgettable month for Bitcoin after six months of steady gains this year, but the cryptocurrency has made a remarkable comeback in August so far. Bitcoin Near $ 12K The rally started at the beginning of the month and has continued as the cryptocurrency seems poised to touch $ 12,000 per […]

Bitcoin Dominance at 70%: BTC Surges Amid Economic Uncertainty

Bitcoin has always dominated the cryptocurrency market. But for the first time since December 2017—when Bitcoin was valued at $ 20k per coin—Bitcoin dominance is nearing 70%. It’s a significant indicator of the current sentiment surrounding the world’s largest digital asset. It also leaves a sizeable question mark over the future of the hundreds of […]

Bitcoin Recovers 15% in 3 Days: What’s Driving BTC?

After forging new heights this year throughout the first six months of this year, Bitcoin went through incredibly tough times throughout the month of July. In July, the price fluctuated violently as a range of extraneous factors did not allow the token to move beyond a certain level, while the price plunged significantly post recoveries […]

Bitcoin Falls 30% from Highs: Analysts are Still Bullish

Regardless of a 30% price correction on Bitcoin, analysts are still bullish on the coin. On Saturday, BTC dropped 8%, and cynics believe that the rally towards a record all-time high is now over. Bitcoin surged over the past two weeks, establishing an M-top at $ 13,177 and $ 13,739 before dipping to $ 9,600. […]