Bitcoin Price Wavers

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Russia to Avoid US Sanctions with $10 Billion Bitcoin Investment

According to a Russian economist with ties to the Kremlin, the superpower is preparing a massive $ 10 billion USD investment in Bitcoin to replace its US dollar reserves. Russia’s Bitcoin investment is a step to minimize US sanctions on the country. Russia’s Bitcoin Investment Vladislav Ginko, an economist at the Russian Presidential Academy of […]

Bitcoin Price: Another Sudden Sell-Off After a Steady Month

At this point, there doesn’t need to be a reason for Bitcoin price to drop suddenly. The market is so volatile by nature it is almost pointless to look for why. So, in true fashion, yesterday’s sudden sell-off confirms just that. There was no major market news reported, and despite this, Bitcoin price dropped 10% […]

Bitwise Files Bitcoin ETF With SEC: Another ETF Hopeful

According to a US Government SEC registration form, cryptocurrency index fund provider Bitwise Asset Management has applied to launch a new Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) with the government body. An ETF is a platform that tracks and trades an asset in the same way as stocks are traded on an exchange. Will Bitwise manage […]

Litecoin’s Charlie Lee Sparks Twitter Battle Over “Bitcoin Extremists”

Charlie Lee is at it again. The Litecoin founder isn’t shy when it comes to voicing his opinion on crypto via Twitter and yesterday was no different. It seems this time, he’s targeting Bitcoin maximalists. Charlie Lee vs. Bitcoin Maximalists It all started with a poll. Some self-proclaimed Bitcoin Maximalists are actually Bitcoin Extremists. They […]

Bitcoin Price: Holding Steady Near $3,800, Corrections Across the Market

Bitcoin price is currently down 2% on the day and selling for $ 3,792. Today’s action is reminiscent of previous days in the week where the coin has dropped a few percents but then gained a few more and vice versa. Bitcoin Price Disappointingly, the coin has failed to break back above the $ 4,000 mark […]

Bitcoin: Another Bullish Attempt

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Dark Overlord: Hacker Group Demands Bitcoin or 9/11 “Truth” Comes Out

Oh dear. Another hacker group is looking for payment in Bitcoin, this time by the name of The Dark Overlord. No doubt this news will exacerbate those ill feelings towards cryptocurrencies as the medium for illegal business and under-the-table payments. What’s happening here? Let’s have a look. Hacker Group Demands Bitcoin Payment An online hacker […]

The Bitcoin BTC Collapse of 2018, Trend Outlook 2019

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Gold, Silver, Bitcoin – Looking Back, Looking Ahead

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) vs. Bitcoin SV (BSV): The Race Continues

The cryptocurrency market has hit a bit of stride these past few days. One the market hasn’t seen in quite some time. Bitcoin (BTC) is trading above $ 4,000, and Ethereum is sitting just above $ 115. Today, we’ll take a closer look at Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV) and their latest movements. […]

Coinbase President: Despite Bitcoin Price Crashes, 2018 was an Innovative Year

Crypto players from around the globe are chiming in on the direction of the Bitcoin price in 2019. Will it continue to see price crashes? Or will the current recovery continue? Better yet, has the industry had a good year and will it continue to have significance in the new year? Earlier in the week, […]

Bitcoin Gains 18%: Quinone CEO Says 2019 Will Bring New All-Time Highs

Despite Bitcoin’s intense price drop in recent months, some still believe it is going to turn it around next year. And there’s nothing to say it definitely won’t; in the last three days, Bitcoin has packed on 18% in gains. Sudden Gains The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap jumped from $ 3,181 to $ 3,776 […]

Ripple (XRP) and Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin ABC) Surge!

Cryptocurrencies are absolutely booming this morning, just in time for the holidays! All but five digital currencies that are in the top 100 are trading green. This is quite a shift, as 2018 has been a negative year for digital currencies. Today, we’ll take a look at Ripple (XRP) and Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin ABC). Ripple […]

Bitcoin Outlook 2019: Clarity Awaits

While 2018 was certainly not the year bitcoin enthusiasts were hoping it would be, there is potential 2019 will see a turnaround, although perhaps not in ways one might expect. Pricing, of course, remains a constant factor when it comes to digital currencies, but next year will begin to see more certainty from government bodies […]

Spencer Bogart: Bitcoin Price Can Go Lower or Higher, Either Way It’s a Good Asset

As we wrap up 2018, crypto players are starting to publicly come out with their Bitcoin price forecasts for the new year. Some are bearish, using the fact that BTC was nearing $ 20 thousand this time last year. Others, however, continue to be bullish. Spencer Bogart of Bitcoin Capital is one of the latter. […]

Bitcoin Price Approached $20K in Dec. 2017 and Now It’s At $3K

In 2017, the Bitcoin price shot up. The crypto boom was in its prime and BTC, in particular, saw a rise, especially in the second half of December. When this happened, there was a rush to buy the cryptocurrency; then there was a crash. One year later, the BTC price is nowhere near where it […]

Bitcoin Important Levels Ahead

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You Can Earn Bitcoin (BTC) While Shopping with the Lolli App

Do you shop frequently at Sephora? Lululemon? Walmart? If you do, a new in-browser app has emerged and wants to give you Bitcoin (BTC). CoinDesk just reported that the app called Lolli just added Sephora to their list of retailers. Earn Bitcoin (BTC) While Shopping Lolli gives shoppers cash back after they make purchases at their […]

Bitcoin Price Tumbles Further: New Low for the Coin

Bitcoin price is tumbling further today, dashing any hopes of a rally that some felt was certain thanks to current extreme oversold conditions. The world’s largest coin by market cap is currently selling for $ 3,301.60 USD according to But earlier today, it fell to $ 3,200, representing a 15-month low for Bitcoin and not helping bulls’ hopes […]

Is Bitcoin ABC the Real Bitcoin Cash? OKEx Thinks So!

OKEx has officially taken sides in the Bitcoin Cash hash war. According to an official statement made by the Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange today, it will list Bitcoin Cash ABC under the original Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ticker. Bitcoin ABC Wins with OKEx The statement reads: “We will change the ticker of Bitcoin Cash ABC from BCHABC […]

NASDAQ Officially Confirms Launch of Bitcoin Futures in Early 2019

The world’s second-largest stock exchange in the world, the Nasdaq exchange, has officially confirmed its plans to launch Bitcoin futures in 2019. Late last week, unofficial reports surfaced of the exchange launching these plans, first reported by Bloomberg. Joseph Christinat, VP of Nasdaq’s media team, spoke to the UK’s daily tabloid The Express yesterday and confirmed the […]

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group Flags OFAC-Sanctioned Bitcoin Addresses to Help Clients Mitigate Risk

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (CSE:BIGG, OTC:BBKCF, WKN:A2JSKG) (“BIG” or “the Company”), a leading developer and provider of blockchain and cryptocurrency search, risk-scoring and data analytics tools and investigation services, has flagged the two OFAC-sanctioned bitcoin addresses in the Company’s proprietary database to help financial institutions mitigate their sanctions-related risk. On November 28, 2018, for the […]

How the Bitcoin Bubble Burst Could Lead to a New Golden Era

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Bitcoin (BTC) up Nearly 20% in 48 Hours, How High will It Go?

Bitcoin (BTC) made a rather dramatic comeback just 48 hours ago. At press time, the world’s first digital currency is currently trading above $ 4,300. The entire crypto community is buzzing, as most altcoins have followed BTC’s upward movements. Bitcoin (BTC) Comeback The cryptocurrency community took a huge hit in mid-November when Bitcoin Cash miners […]

Bitcoin Rally: Cryptocurrency Makes a Comeback After Major Slump

Many in the financial world this week were claiming Bitcoin was “dead” after it hit its 2018 record lows this week. What they didn’t predict was a Bitcoin rally. On Sunday, the world’s first digital currency hit just above $ 3,600 a coin, which is the coin’s record-low this year. Bitcoin hadn’t seen below $ […]

NASDAQ to launch Bitcoin Futures in 2019

Nasdaq Inc. is still planning to launch its Bitcoin futures early next year, Bloomberg reported early this morning. Two individuals familiar with the Bitcoin project told Benjamin Bain, a reporter at Bloomberg, that despite the downturned market the index still plans on offering these contracts. Bitcoin Futures Bitcoin (BTC) has plunged nearly -75% since the […]

Bitcoin Crashes Over 50% From Recent Highs

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Bitcoin Plunges Below US$4,000

Bitcoin plummeted below the US$ 4,000 threshold on Sunday (November 25) for the first time this year, further extending its record 2018 losses over the last two weeks. The top digital currency dipped to as low as US$ 3,601.52 on Sunday, but inched back closer to the US$ 4,000 mark by Monday (November 26). As of […]

Ohio Accepts Bitcoin for Tax Payments: A Much-Needed Silver Lining

As Bitcoin heads down the slope, the State of Ohio has just made a move that actually champions the ailing coin. And it’s a vital time for such a move. Ohio has decided to accept Bitcoin for tax payments, becoming the first state to do so. Not only is this move momentous in terms of […]