Facebook’s Libra Crypto currency vs Bitcoin: Five Key Differences

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Bitcoin (BTC) Moves Up Again, Hits New High Above $9,300

Over the past few months, Bitcoin (BTC) has been surging and it has hit a new year-to-date high surpassing the $ 9,000 level for the second time in 2019, a feat that has left investors looking at the $ 10,000 mark. Bitcoin Rallying Bitcoin is 151% up year-to-date and the rallying of the most popular […]

Bakkt Announces Bitcoin Futures Launch Date in July

As Bitcoin (BTC) holds resistance above $ 8,100 USD, more positive news has arrived to help its case. Intercontinental Exchange’s (ICE) cryptocurrency platform, Bakkt, is to begin testing its first product: physically-delivered Bitcoin futures. The date for launch is just over one month from now, July 22nd. Bakkt Announces First Project Launch In a blog posted […]

Fed Rate Cuts Soon; Bitcoin Enthusiasts Join Wall Street in Bashing Gold

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Bitcoin Miners Diversifying from China to the US over Regulatory Concerns

Bitcoin miners in China are increasingly looking for diversification out of the country because of the anticipated crypto mining ban, the Chinese government’s thoughtful position regarding cryptocurrency, and the increasing pressure from the ongoing trade war with the US. Squire Mining to Host 41,000 ASICs Canadian-based blockchain firm Squire Mining, a leading miner in the […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Falls Below $8,000 On Panic Selling

Bitcoin (BTC) is pulling lower after doubling in value following a massive surge from 2018 lows. The flagship cryptocurrency remains under immense bearish pressure after a 130% plus rally since the start of the year. Bitcoin Price Analysis A rally past the $ 8,000 mark had for the first time, in months, reinvigorated investor interest […]

Is Nobody Spending Bitcoin? Chainalysis New Data Reflects Rally

Bitcoin is closing out the month near $ 8,500 USD. Surging more than 60% since the beginning of the month, its revival has caused a global stir. However, in the midst of the excitement, blockchain researcher Chainalysis is discovering a problem that perhaps most of us already know: hardly anyone is actually spending it. Chainalysis […]

When (Not If) Silver Has a “Bitcoin Moment”

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The Most Common Misconceptions About Bitcoin: Breaking the Mold

Most people from around the world that hear about Bitcoin are confused. It is completely normal to feel like that. Bitcoin is relatively new. It appeared in 2008 as a white paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto, an alias of a person that nobody knows. Then, the official launch as a currency took place in 2009. […]

Bitcoin Price, Will the Bull Run Continue? What’s Next For the Digital Coin?

In recent weeks, the cryptocurrency market has been a hive of activity. This is largely in part to Bitcoin price’s resurgence of late. And what a resurgence. The world’s largest digital asset by market cap is currently selling for $ 8,724 USD per coin (to press time and according to coinmarketcap.com). It has grown an […]

Bitcoin Acceptance Growing: Microsoft Excel Adds Bitcoin Symbol

It seems that cryptocurrencies are nearer and nearer to mainstream adoption with each day. In the latest crypto development, Microsoft Excel has added a Bitcoin symbol to the spreadsheet for use when entering financial data. This is a big leap for Bitcoin acceptance. Microsoft Adds Bitcoin Symbol to Excel This move from Microsoft is a […]

Bitcoin Predictions, Calacanis Goes Against Grain With BTC Price Decline

Bitcoin predictions run riot in the cryptocurrency sphere, never more so than when Bitcoin goes on a bullrun. Considering the original cryptocurrency has grown over 65% this month, it’s safe to say that it is currently on a major one. We’ve recently heard bullish calls from cryptocurrency hedge fund manager Brian Kelly. He stated that […]

Bitcoin Price (BTC) Hits New One Year High, On the Verge Of Big Breakout

Since Monday, bitcoin price has leaped 13.5% to hit new levels at around $ 9000 for the first since May last year in what is seen as a bullish sign. At the time of writing, bitcoin is trading as high as $ 8,810 on Coinbase. Bitcoin Price | Highest Since 2018 Yesterday’s jump brings bitcoin […]

Bitcoin Price Stalls Near $8100

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Bitcoin Plunges Hardly a Day After Hitting Over $8,000

After trading above $ 8,000 less than a day, Bitcoin (BTC) price plunged on May 17 and it was trading at around $ 7,200 which is a 10% drop within a day. Other cryptocurrencies have also experienced a price drop. Ethereum dropped 7.97% to around $ 240 while XRP lost 15.4% and it’s trading at […]

Bitcoin Payments: AT&T Customers Can Now Pay their Bill in Bitcoin

Mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency is slowly growing with the latest development being from AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) which has indicated that from today they will be accepting bitcoin payments as an option of paying for mobile bills. AT&T customers to pay bills in crypto AT&T is the first major telecom company in the US to provide […]

Bitcoin Price Is On The Rise According To Brian Kelly On Fast Money

Bitcoin enthusiast and crypto fund manager Brian Kelly has told CNBC that Bitcoin price could rise further in the coming months. His prediction isn’t unfounded; there is an impending supply cut on the horizon and this should help to push prices higher. Brian Kelly Predicts Bitcoin Price will Rise In an interview on CNBC’s Fast […]

Bitcoin SV jumps 80% As Wright Files “Proof” That He’s Nakamoto

The top ten cryptocurrencies are all in green boasting moderate gains. For example, Ethereum is up 2% and Bitcoin Cash up 4.38%. Leading coin by market value, Bitcoin, is 1.75% in the green, nearing $ 8,000 USD per coin—much to the excitement of the bulls. However, its hard to ignore the not-so-moderate gains that Bitcoin SV […]

SEC Delays VanEck Bitcoin ETF Application Until August

The United States Securities Exchange Commission has postponed its decision regarding VanEck Bitcoin ETF proposal for 90 days moving the deadline to August 19th, 2019. VanEck Bitcoin ETF  The SEC gave a 35 day period for collecting information as well as more insight on the proposal that was initially filed last year by the Chicago […]

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork | Segwit Recovery & Schnorr Signatures

A Bitcoin Cash hard fork was implemented earlier today as of block 58268. Although the network-split initially met with a hiccup, the upgrade has now successfully completed. Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork The hard fork sees the Bitcoin Cash network implement two new features. They are Segwit recovery and Schnorr signatures. The Segwit recovery means network participants […]

Is Ebay Gearing Up To Support Bitcoin? Mainstream Adoption On the Way!

Are we on the verge of mainstream adoption for digital currencies? The list of companies accepting payment in Bitcoin is steadily growing and now one of the biggest e-commerce sites is hinting at joining that list. Global e-retailing giant, Ebay, has stirred rumors via its latest promotional adverts. Let’s check this out. Mainstream Adoption – […]

Bitcoin Price Jumps Again, Now Above $8K Mark

Back in 2017, Bitcoin was the biggest news story of the year after it went on a jaw-dropping bull run and reached a price of $ 20,000 per coin. However, from those heady highs, the bitcoin price soon started dropping and throughout the course of 2018, Bitcoin and the crypto market at large were on […]

Bitcoin Bull Market Is Back

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Bitcoin Setting Up For Another Drop

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Bitcoin Price to Hit $7,200 After Demonstrating Bullish Signs?

Yesterday crypto markets dropped following reports that leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance had been hacked. However, the impact of the developments is minimal, and Bitcoin price managed to hold steady at more than $ 5,800, continuing the upwards trend towards the $ 6,000 mark. BTC Holds Above $ 5,800 A popular analyst has projected that if […]

Fidelity Investments will Trade Bitcoin in a Few Weeks!

According to Bloomberg, Fidelity Investments is on the verge of buying and selling Bitcoin (BTC). Earlier this year, the firm began a custody service to store Bitcoin, but now it will evolve to trading. Fidelity Investments Embraces Bitcoin Fidelity is one of the largest asset managers in the world. Its newly-formed arm—Fidelity Digital Assets—will be […]

Fundstrat Prediction: Bitcoin will Rally to New Heights Next Year

Another Fundstrat prediction has emerged. This time there’s no messing about; the firm predicts that Bitcoin will hit $ 20,000 USD next year. You can bet investors are sitting up. Fundstrat has made calls that have come true in the past, so should we listen this time around? Fundstrat Prediction The most recent prediction the […]

NYPD Warns of New Bitcoin Scam: “Don’t Take a Chance, Just Hang Up”

When something becomes mainstream, we have to expect that some people will abuse it in some shape or form. In the case of cryptocurrency, we have seen several crypto scams surface over the past two years. The latest is a Bitcoin scam, announced this week by the NYPD. Here’s what we know. Everything We Know […]

Bitcoin Price: Analysts Indicate BTC Could Drop to $4,000

Most analysts and investors viewed the recent reaction of Bitcoin price to the Bitfinex/Tether controversy as an indication of improving fundamental strength. According to one analyst, it may be too early to celebrate yet as Bitcoin price is likely to drop into the $ 4,000 region before gaining any significant support that will allow it […]

Bitcoin Generation Suspension: Why the SEC Took Action

On Monday, April 29, the SEC said it’s suspending trading of shares in Bitcoin Generation. While a relatively unknown crypto exchange, news of the suspension has traveled far and wide. That said, it’s important to know this is a temporary suspension. In this article, we will discuss everything we know about the Bitcoin Generation suspension. Bitcoin […]