Mickey Fulp: It’s Been a Negative Year, but This Metal Stands Out

The year is nearly over, and at the recent New Orleans Investment Conference Mercenary Geologist Mickey Fulp shared his thoughts on the resource space. “I think the [commodity] that’s stood out in terms of a bullish market is the recovery of the uranium market,” said Fulp. He added that prices have seen “a very good stepwise rise,” […]

Weekend Unlimited Inc. Has Been Approved for Listing on the CSE

Weekend Unlimited Inc., the issuer resulting from a Fundamental Change of Open Source Health Inc., has been approved for listing. Listing and disclosure documents will be available at www.thecse.com on the trading date. Weekend Unlimited Inc. is capitalizing on vast industry relationships to establish a portfolio of cannabis brands throughout North America and internationally. Weekend Unlimited’s brand […]

Interest Rate Shock-Time to Find Out Who has been Swimming Naked

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Gold Has Been Slammed — for the Rest of 2018 it’s a Call on the Dollar

The gold price is down year-to-date in 2018, and for Chris Mancini, an analyst at the Gabelli Gold Fund, what happens for the rest of the year depends on the dollar. “What we’ve seen over the past couple of months, when gold went from around $ 1,320 down to $ 1,160 at its bottom, was … […]

The Stock Market Has Been Exceptionally Strong this September. What’s Next for Q4 2018

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LINE’s Token-Powered Ecosystem: Plans have been Unveiled

Plans for LINE’s token-powered ecosystem have been unveiled. The messaging app giant from Japan announced its new venture at CoinDesk’s Consensus: Singapore event this morning. LINE’s plans are ambitious; it wants to launch its new system by the end of 2018. Will it do it? LINE’s Token-Powered Ecosystem It can have such ambition because LINE already has more than […]

We would have been amazed 40 years ago

Results achieved by Heritage Auctions for its Sept. 6-9 Signature Sale of U.S. coins in Long Beach, Calif., came in at just under $ 6 million. When I joined the Numismatic News staff in 1978, $ 1 million in sale results would have been major news. $ 6 million would have been epic. Now, thanks […]

Crypto Daily News: Nearly 1 Trillion Dollars Worth of BTC has been Transferred in 2018 & Coinbase Continues to Make Moves

In today’s edition of Crypto Daily News, we’ll cover the updates of nearly one trillion dollars worth of Bitcoin (BTC) has already been traded in 2018 and Coinbase making steady progress in enhancing its platform. Crypto Daily News: August 16th, 2018 Almost One Trillion Dollars Worth of BTC According to Trustnodes, an estimated $ 830 […]