Always be prepared: Own some gold

Security blanket. Gold. One offers a child psychological protection. The other offers very real financial protection. Anyone knowing that will not be surprised to learn that sales of gold are up this week. Fears of a military conflict with North Korea have people reaching for safety. Texas gold coin dealer Mike Fuljenz said his sales […]

What You Always Wanted To Know About Gold*

The following is a transcript of an interview requested by a gold-friendly hedge fund. Q.: Professor Fekete, you are known as a staunch advocate of a return to the gold standard. But mainstream economists are saying a gold standard is not practicable and they are fighting the idea with everything they have. How do you answer […]

Rosenberg: Republican Presidents Always Come In Near The Stock Market Top

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Stocks Will Always Go Up, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

This time is different. Stocks will always go up. And pigs can fly. Given that pigs are highly intelligent, don’t bet against them. That said, investors might want to take at least the first two statements with a grain of salt. In the 1990s, stocks continued to rise relentlessly for years, even after then Fed […]