Hungary’s Gold Repatriation Adds To Growing Protest Against US Dollar Hegemony

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Innovation as APMEX adds data

One of my favorite websites, APMEX, has added a new reason to visit. Usually I check the online coin and bullion retailer for current prices of things that are related to precious metals. However, the website also sells slabbed collectible items. Yesterday, the firm announced that its collectible pieces would be accompanied by a new feature […]

How Trump Versus Fed Adds to Uncertainty

To implement his $ 1 trillion dollar infrastructure plan, President Trump needs low rates, even though the Fed’s rate hikes will strengthen dollar. That means new uncertainty worldwide. In his Crippled America (2015), Trump argued that “our airports, bridges, water tunnels, power grids, rail systems—our nation’s entire infrastructure is crumbling, and we aren’t doing anything […]