US Interest Rates – Should You “Fret” Over the New Fed Chair’s Possible Actions?

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Unpredictable Actions Make It Smart to Hold Gold

Shannara Johnson : What does a hot-shot Wall Street trader see in physical gold? And why would he be adamant about holding it? Jared Dillian, former head of ETF Trading at Lehman Brothers, is an acclaimed financial author and investment strategist at Mauldin Economics. He first discovered gold in 2005 when the launch of the […]

Trump Supporters Winning Gold Medal In Mental Gymnastics Trying To Justify His Actions

Donald Trump said one thing to get elected and then, once elected, did the other. The fact that people are surprised is, in itself, the surprising part. Hasn’t that been the history of democracy and politics since it was created? Democracy is one of the most bizarre systems ever created, to begin with. Here is […]