The Biggest Blockchain Trends According to the 5 Experts!

This article covers the take of 5 experts from diverse fields of blockchain technologies on widely discussed blockchain trends. Since the inception of blockchain in the year 2008, the digital world has experienced a massive revolution. The blockchain technology has undergone a considerable evolution in a short period. It has been pushing limits and setting […]

Tilray’s Impact on Cannabis Market Volatility, According to Analysts

Cannabis stocks have raised the legitimacy of the entire industry as publicly traded companies continue the development of the sector. Investors have also shown an eagerness to get exposure into the growth sector. This investor sentiment, accompanied by a myriad of factors, is described by 420 Investor cannabis analyst Alan Brochstein as a perfect storm. […]

Palladium Eagle sells out according to script

Six-minute sellout. In about the time it takes to fry an egg, the 2018-W proof palladium American Eagle sold out yesterday. It went on sale at noon Eastern Time. The Mint offered 15,000 pieces with an order limit of one per household. Price was $ 1,387.50. Like Pavlov’s dogs, we all did what we usually […]

Four Catalysts Driving Bitcoin Higher, According to Spencer Bogart

Bitcoin has had quite the year. It hasn’t all been good, with the digital currency dropping below the $ 6,000 price mark at the end of June. But recently Bitcoin has redeemed itself, witnessing strong gains over the last week. So that brings up the question of whether there are catalysts driving Bitcoin higher. If […]

An ETF for Bitcoin Is Unlikely This Year According to Brian Kelly

ETF is Unlikely: Demand is growing for the establishment of a crypto ETF or exchange-traded fund. Just yesterday major exchange Bitwise joined the fight and filed a proposal to the SEC for an ETF. But despite the desire for an ETF, Brian Kelly – CEO of BKCM; an independent investment firm specializing in cryptocurrency and […]