SNP Declare Scotland to Commit Economic Suicide Early 2019, 2nd Independence Referendum

The cult like SNP that sees Independence as the answer to EVERY question and so IS are once more demanding another once in a generation Independence referendum, barely 2 years since the last one. This despite current opinion polls stating that 55% of Scots want to remain within the United Kingdom. Though facts on the ground barely register with Scotland’s IS fundamentalists who could be seen as being just as dangerously determined to destroy the United Kingdom as are their Levant namesakes. Permanently deaf, dumb and blind to the real world consequences of that which they zealously seek, an outcome that would amount to Scotland committing economic, social and territorial suicide, for that is what happens when nations tear themselves apart and this whilst Britain is attempting to pull itself away from the European Union is clearly meant to do maximum damage to England and Scotland, in their never ending quest for suicide as is the ultimate goal of all cults.
The Market Oracle

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