Siyata Mobile Advances 5G In-Vehicle Smartphone Product

Siyata Mobile (TSXV:SIM) announced that the company has advanced the development of its 5G in-vehicle smartphone for commercial fleets and vehicles.

The company engaged in providing and developing cellular communications for enterprise customers with a focus on connected vehicle products said that the 5G device would compliment its 4G UV350 device.

As quoted in the text release:

The Company’s intention for this device is to compliment the 4G/LTE UV350, allowing for a strong variety of cutting-edge product offerings. The 5G device will allow for various form factors that can be incorporated for the specific needs of the Company’s diversified customer base. With 5G networks expecting to launch nationwide in North America over the coming year, the Company aims to provide an in-vehicle solution to meet the demand when it arises.

In addition to the North American launch of the 4G/LTE Uniden® UV350, the next generation 5G device builds a powerful pipeline of product offering for commercial fleets, vehicles and first responders for the next ten years. Existing North American Tier 1 carrier relationships will benefit the 5G launch as the technology becomes relevant in the commercial vehicle market. .

VP of Technology of Siyata Mobile, Gidi Bracha, comments, “We understand the importance of staying ahead of the evolving telecom market and have commenced developing a 5G smartphone in preparation of these networks launching nationwide. 5G networks are expected to work alongside existing 3G and 4G networks, and our next generation 5G device will be a strong complement to our existing in-vehicle device category.”

Marc Seelenfreund, CEO of Siyata Mobile states, “Our seven years of experience in working with commercial vehicle customers and cellular operators gives us strong competitive edge in knowing our customers’ form factor and technology needs, while understanding the stringent requirements to have a carrier grade approval. 5G technology has a very exciting future and we plan to be first to market with a 5G dedicated in-vehicle device.”

The commercial vehicle market is among the various industries expected to benefit from the improved connectivity of 5G networks. As the majority of these vehicles continue to transition to cellular-based technology, the Company will continue to address this market with the most updated technology available including various form factors than can be developed for the specific needs of its diversified customer base.

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