Pareteum Adds $15 Million in New Contracts

Pareteum Corporation (NYSEA:TEUM) announced that it has signed new contracts with three companies totalling US$ 15 million over three years.

The company said that its new clients include Parallax Health Sciences in the US, OneCentral in Netherlands and Naledi in South Africa.

As quoted in the press release:

New customers will use Pareteum’s cloud platform as a service offering to enable voice, mobile, and device and data-monitoring for their companies. These use cases are made possible through the recently-merged Artilium and Pareteum products.

Parallax Health Sciences is Pareteum’s first customer in the healthcare IT industry; it will use Pareteum’s platform as a service to assist healthcare professionals in diagnosing and tracking health trends with their patients via data and SMS bundling. The technology integration will result in the establishment of Parallax Communications becoming an industry first: a globally-connected, remote patient care, mobile virtual network operator.

oneCentral is a Netherlands-based provider of telecom and cloud services; Pareteum will enable oneCentral to provide mobility bundles to its customers including voice, SMS, and data. Additionally, Pareteum will deliver its full platform as a service to Lesotho, South Africa-based Naledi Telecom, enabling it to launch as the first mobile virtual network operator there.

“Pareteum’s momentum continues to grow as we close on these multimillion dollar contracts,” said Vic Bozzo, chief executive officer of Pareteum. “With these new use cases, we are not only building a pipeline for our growing business, but also enabling mobile solutions for companies across industries, including the ever-important healthcare technology space.”

Pareteum Executive Chairman and Principal Executive Officer Hal Turner commented, “We celebrate every new customer that chooses Pareteum’s platform to grow their business. With Parallax, oneCentral, and Naledi Telecom, we are adding mobile enablement solutions for companies that serve people across the world, and many of these people are in markets yet touched by the power of Pareteum’s seamless and agile platform solution and SuperAPI.”

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