Orocobre Releases Pumping Test Results from Cauchari

Orocobre (ASX:ORE,TSX:ORL) has released the results of pumping test activities that recently concluded at its Cauchari joint-venture property in Argentina.

Highlights from the press release are as follows:

  • CAU07 30 day constant rate pumping test was carried out at a rate of 22 l/s throughout the test; the pumping rate was limited by the construction of the well

  • Results of brine analyses over the 30 days averaged 650 mg/l Li and 4,970 mg/l K with Mg/Li of 2.2:1

  • The 30 day test showed no drawdown in piezometers located above and at the top of the brine body. The dynamic level in the pumping well showed 40 m of drawdown over the test.

  • An updated resource estimation is underway and will incorporate the significantly greater drilling depths of the Phase III program just completed

  • Preliminary design of production wellfields is underway for the Feasibility Study, using the results of the long-term CAU07 and CAU11 pumping tests.

Orocobre Managing Director and CEO, Martín Pérez de Solay, commented:

“The CAU07 test results confirm the excellent characteristics of the NW Sector for future brine production, both in terms of lithium concentration and pumping characteristics. The joint venture is currently conducting an update of the project resource estimate with results from the recently completed drilling, concurrently with preliminary design of production well fields for the project Feasibility Study. We look forward to providing this information to shareholders once it is completed.”

Click here to read the full press release.

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