Maxar’s SSL Awarded Contract to Provide GEO SmallSat for Mobile Broadband Company

Maxar Technology (NYSE:MAXR) announced through its company SSL that it awarded a contract to manufacture a small geostationary satellite for Ovzon.

As quoted in the press release:

Ovzon selected the mid-size SSL-500 platform for its first satellite, which brings the benefits of SSL’s proven technology and performance combined with a lower-cost form factor.

The contract is conditional on Ovzon raising financing.

“Our focus on growth opportunities for medium and small-size satellites is building momentum,” said Dario Zamarian, Group President of SSL. “This collaboration with Ovzon demonstrates the demand for a new class of communication satellite, and SSL is very well positioned in this market.”

“Ovzon selected SSL to manufacture our first satellite because of the company’s market leading position and its commitment to innovation, reliability, and agility,” said Per Wahlberg, Chief Executive Officer of Ovzon. “This satellite will enable us to provide extremely versatile mobile broadband capabilities to customers on highly mobile platforms, such as small aircraft, vehicles, and UAVs.”

SSL is leveraging its long history of technology innovation in both communications and Earth observation markets by providing cost-effective, high-capacity solutions. The satellite, called Ovzon-3, provides Ovzon’s customers with better performance, expanded coverage and faster data rates than competitive solutions. The next-generation satellite provided by SSL will advance communications in remote areas with extremely versatile mobile broadband capabilities.

Ovzon previously announced that the satellite will launch aboard SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy. To maximize its usable capacity, the satellite will include a flexible payload based on a customer furnished processor integrated into the SSL architecture.

Click here for the full text release.

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