Make your plans now to go to Philadelphia

Are you planning a summer vacation?

This year’s American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money in Philadelphia might just be the best place you could choose to go in years.

The dates are Aug. 14-18, right in the heart of the vacation getaway season.

It is easily driveable for most Americans by car, which is essential for many family vacations.

More important than that, it is a destination that collectors and noncollectors alike can enjoy together.

Collectors can relish the fact that Independence Hall is on the reverse of the Bicentennial half dollar.

Noncollecting family members don’t even have to know what a Bicentennial half dollar is to appreciate visiting the birthplace of America.

The story of the Continental Congress, the Declaration of Independence and the oppresion of a faraway king is the founding story for all of us.

Seeing the Liberty Bell is just as significant whether you know it is depicted on the Franklin half dollar reverse or not.

Touring the Philadelphia Mint, a huge manufacturing enterprise, will impress everyone, not just coin collectors.

The hard part in family situations is determining how much time the collector can spend on the bourse floor.

Philadelphia ANA conventions are known for good business conditions.

But with so many historic sites to see, the rest of the family might not even notice the collector’s absence.

In fact, they might just encourage the collector to spend more time at the show so that they don’t have to hear stories about Bicentennial and Franklin half dollars.

They might want to escape historic sites completely.

Anyone who has ever been to the city knows there is way more to it than the few things I have mentioned.

How do you define vacation relaxation and enjoyment?

Make it personal.

It might involve a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game.

The Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets will be in town during the convention.

Build your own list of things to see and do.

Go to Philadelphia and enjoy the freedom to explore. You don’t really need a list at all – except your numismatic want list.

If it has been a while since you have attended an ANA event, this could be the one for you.

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