KitKat 100% Easy to Win Personalised Prize Packs Promotion!

Here an update of KitKat’s current promotion that allows buyers of the multi-packs to enter a code and win a personalised four fingered pack. I was skeptical at first but it looks like I have won 10 out of 10 entries! Find out what it’s all about in my latest video to make sure you don’t miss out on what looks like being a 100% winnable promotion! Yes the prize may not have much face value i.e. a four finger kitkat bar, but having your own factory printed photo wrapper makes all the difference in terms of sentimental value. So if you already buy kitkat’s then what do you have to lose ? Nothing! and NO I don’t work for kitkat! It’s just that after Walkers Crisps Spell & Go con it is a refreshing change to have a promo that actually allows normal people, apparently everyone who enters to win!
The Market Oracle

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